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(fuel) filling station (M)
(higher) geodesy (G)
2D operating mode (GNSS)
3D mapping (M)
3D model (M)
3D modelling (GB), 3D modeling (US) (M)
3D operating mode (GNSS)
3D real estate cadastre (GB), 3D real estate cadaster (US) (KN)
3D real estate cadastre (GB), 3D real estate cadaster (US) (KN)
3D-printing (K)
7-parameter Helmert transformation (TCH)
a building that represents an attachment to another building (KN)
a lot or group of lots outside the built-up areas (KN)
abbreviation (K)
aberration (G)
aberration of light (G)
absolute ellipsoid (G)
absolute error of measurement (TCH)
absolute flight height; absolute flying height (F)
absolute gravimeter (G)
absolute gravity point, absolute gravity station (G)
absolute orientation (F)
absolute representation (K)
absolute shift (displacement) (IG)
absorption (F)
absorption band (F)
abstract symbol (K)
acceleration (G)
acceptance criteria (O)
access right (GI)
accredited metrological laboratory (MET)
accuracy (TCH)
accuracy class (TCH)
accuracy class of mapping (M)
accuracy class of measuring instruments (P)
accuracy map specification (K)
accuracy of a measuring instrument (MET)
accuracy of analogue map (M)
accuracy of detailed mapping (M)
achromatic colour, achromatic color (US) (K)
active antenna (GNSS)
active remote sensing (F)
active satellite (G)
actual measured value (TCH)
actual size (TCH)
additive color mixture (K)
address (GI)
address point (KN)
adhesive binding (K)
adhesive foil (K)
adjoining sheet (M)
adjudication (KN)
adjudication of boundaries (KN)
adjusted distance (G)
adjustment (MET)
adjustment calculation, adjustment (TCH)
adjustment of a traverse (M)
adjustment of boundaries (M)
administration of a trust (KN)
administration of national property (KN)
administration of real estate cadastre (KN)
administration of real estates owned by state (KN)
administrative boundary (KN)
administrative diagram (K)
administrative law (O)
administrator of geodetic control mark (G)
Adriatic datum (G)
advance copy (K)
advance sheet, specimen sheet (K)
adverse possession (KN)
advertizing map (K)
aerial (survey) photo(graph) (F)
aerial baseline (F)
aerial camera working cycle (F)
aerial carrier (F)
aerial lift (IG)
aerial photogrammetry (F)
aerial photograph (F)
aerial remote sensing (F)
aerial strip triangulation (F)
aerial survey camera (F)
aerial triangulation (F)
aerodrome obstruction chart (K)
aeronautical chart (K)
aeronautical navigational chart (K)
aeroplane (F)
aesthetic appreciation of maps (K)
affine transformations (TCH)
aggregation (GI)
agonic line, agona (G)
agricultural land (KN)
agricultural land fund (KN)
agricultural lot, agricultural plot (KN)
aiming (G)
air brush (P)
air conditioning of paper (K)
air navigation (G)
airborne laser scanning (ALS) (F)
aircraft (F)
airline (route) map (K)
airport basic map (IG)
airport, aerodrome (M)
albedo (F)
alidade (P)
alidade axis (P)
aligning base (M)
alignment (M)
alignment line, setting-out line, measuring line (IG)
allipsoidal normal (G)
allonym (K)
allotment (KN)
allotment plan (KN)
allotment procedure (KN)
almanac (GNSS)
almucantar, parallel of altitude (G)
altimetric map (M)
altimetric overlay (K)
altimetric traverse (M)
altimetry, measurement of heights, hypsometry (M)
ambiguity resolution on-the-fly (GNSS)
ambiguity, integer ambiguity (GNSS)
anaglyph (F)
anaglyph(ic) map (K)
analactical telescope (P)
analogue cadastral map (KN)
analogue data, analog data (US) (GI)
analogue indication (IG)
analogue map (M)
analogue measuring instrument (P)
analogue photogrammetry (F)
analogue stereo instrument, analogue stereo plotter (P)
analysis of cartographic work (K)
analysis of variance (ANOVA) (TCH)
analytical aerotriangulation (F)
analytical instrument, analytical plotter (P)
analytical map (K)
analytical photogrammetry (F)
analytical satellite triangulation (F)
anamorphic map (K)
anamorphous method (K)
anchorage (M)
aneroid barometer (P)
angle measurement (G)
angle measurement in all combination (G)
angle of depression, descending vertical angle (M)
angle of view (F)
angular deviation (TCH)
angular distortion, angular deformation (K)
angular misclosure (M)
animated mapping (K)
animation (GI)
announcement of changes (KN)
announcement sheet (KN)
annual aberration (G)
annus fictus, Besselian year, fictitious year (G)
anoikonym (KN)
anomalous magnetic variation (G)
anomaly (G)
another authorized person (KN)
anti-spoofing (GNSS)
antihalo layer, antihalation backing, antihalation layer (K)
antihalo, antihalation (K)
antimeridian (K)
antique, roman (type) (K)
anywhere fix (GNSS)
aperture (K)
aperture card, microcard (K)
aphelion (G)
apogee (G)
apparent declination (G)
apparent horizon (G)
application (GI)
application schema (GI)
applied cartography (K)
applied cartography (K)
applied metrology, industrial metrology (MET)
approximate scale (K)
apsidal line, line of apsides, apse line (G)
apsis (pl. apsides) (G)
arable land (KN)
arbitrary projection, aphylactic projection (K)
arc measurement, arc method (G)
archival materials (O)
archive (GI)
archives of printing masters (K)
are (KN)
area boundary (on a map) (K)
area brace symbol (KN)
area distortion, area deformation, area exaggeration (K)
area of cadastre unit (KN)
area of municipality production (KN)
area of part a lot in estimated pedologic-ecological unit (KN)
area scale (K)
areal (K)
areal building structure (IG)
areal leveling network (G)
areal map distortion (K)
areal symbol (K)
areal symbols representation (K)
argentography (K)
argentotype copy (K)
argument of declination (G)
argument of latitude (G)
argument of perigee (G)
arithmetic mean (TCH)
array camera (F)
array, matrix (GI)
art paper, coated board (K)
artificial Earth satellite (G)
artificial lunar satellite (G)
artificial stereo(scopic) vision (F)
assembling base (K)
assembly deviation (IG)
assembly sheet (K)
assistant, helper, rodman, chainman (G)
assisted GPS (GNSS)
associated point (G)
association (GI)
Association of enterpreneurs in geomatics (O)
astasy (G)
astatizing (G)
asteroid, minor planet, planetoid (G)
astro(-)geodetic(al) levelling (G)
astro-compass (P)
astro-geodetic network of the Czech Republic (G)
astro-gravimetric levelling (G)
astro-station, astro-point, astronomical point (G)
astrodynamics (G)
astrogravimetric point (G)
astrolabe (P)
astrometry (G)
astronomic anomaly (G)
astronomic azimuth (G)
astronomic orientation (G)
astronomical map (K)
astronomical telescope (P)
astronomically determined geographical longitude (G)
astronomy (G)
atlas (K)
atlas binding (K)
atlas cartography (K)
atlas classification (K)
atlas dummy (K)
atlas for primary schools (K)
atlas format (K)
atlas gazetteer (K)
atlas issue (K)
atlas leaf (K)
atlas page (K)
atlas publisher (K)
atlas style (K)
atlas type (K)
atlas-back, backbone, shelfback, spine (K)
atmosphere (G)
atmospheric haze (F)
atomic clock (GNSS)
atomic time (G)
atribute data (GI)
attitude (F)
attribute (GI)
attribute data (GI)
attribute table (GI)
audit (MET)
augumented reality (GI)
Austrian morgen (KN)
authentication of cadastral survey sketch (KN)
authentification (M)
author compilation manuscript (K)
author of a map (K)
author's copy (K)
author's proof (K)
Authorized service (GNSS)
autocollimator (P)
autofeeder (P)
automated cartographic generalisation (GI)
automated cartography, computer-assisted cartography (GI)
automated cartography, computer-assisted cartography (K)
automated digitizing, automated digitalization (GI)
automated drawing, automated drafting (US) (M)
automated generalization, computer-assisted generalisation (GI)
automated map lettering (M)
automated model generalisation (GI)
automated object (oriented) generalisation (GI)
automatic (digital) aerotriangulation (F)
automatic drawing table, automatic coordinatograph (P)
automatic vehicle location (GNSS)
autonomous positioning (GNSS)
autotypic colo(u)r tone (K)
autrorized land surveyor (O)
autumnal equinox, first point of Librae (G)
auxiliary contour line (M)
auxiliary contour, supplementary contour (M)
auxiliary field sketch (M)
auxiliary portrayal map projection surface (K)
auxiliary survey point (M)
Availability (GNSS)
average (TCH)
averaging (GNSS)
axis of a dam, axis of a barrage (IG)
axis of a linear structure (IG)
axis of a meridian zone (K)
axis of a stream, axis of a water course (M)
axis of level (P)
axis of sight, collimation axis (G)
azimuth (G)
azimuthal equidistant projection (K)
azimuthal non-perspective projection (K)
azimuthal projection, zenithal projection (K)
azo dye (K)
back joint, French groove (K)
back lining, paper lining (K)
back-rounding of books (K)
backscatter (F)
backward italics, left-slanted italics (K)
backward-sloping lettering (K)
Baltic Vertical Datum - After Adjustment (G)
bar code staff; staff with bar code, bar code leveling rod (P)
barcode levelling staff; levelling bar/rod/staff with barcode (P)
barometer (P)
barometric elevation (M)
barometric levelling, barometric leveling (US) (G)
barometric traverse (G)
barren land (KN)
barren land, rangeland (KN)
barren lot (KN)
barycenter, barycentre (G)
baryta paper (K)
base font (K)
base map (M)
Base Map of the Czech Republic (K)
base of map proof checking (K)
base point (G)
base quantity (MET)
base station, reference station (GNSS)
base unit (of measurement) (MET)
base-to-height ratio, b/h ratio (F)
baseline measurement (G)
baseline network (G)
Basic Geodynamic Network of the Czech Republic (G)
basic map of a quarry (IG)
basic map of residential areas (IG)
basic map of subway station, basic map of underground station (IG)
basic map, source map (M)
basic mapping (M)
basic measurement, zero epoch measurement (of displacements and deformation) (IG)
basic mining plan (IG)
basic object of National Set of Spatial Objects (GI)
basic register (O)
basic review of areas of agricultural use (KN)
basic scale (of map series) (M)
basic setting-out network (IG)
basic settlement unit (KN)
basic territorial unit (KN)
bathymetric chart (K)
bathymetric layer (K)
beacon, survey signal (US) (M)
beam width (F)
bearing (G)
bearing from south counted grid (G)
belonging the parcel to cadastre unit (KN)
belonging to the real estate owner (KN)
bench mark with a hole (G)
bench mark, levelling point, leveling point (US) (G)
bench mark, plug, rivet (M)
benchmark, bench mark (G)
Beneš's projection (K)
Bessel spheroid, Bessel ellipsoid (G)
Besselian day numbers (G)
best measurement capability (MET)
bi-metal plate (P)
bias error of a measuring instrument (MET)
bible paper (K)
bibliographic map specification (K)
big atlas (K)
big data (GI)
binding operations (K)
binding thread (K)
bird's-eye view (K)
bitmap (GI)
black body (F)
black body radiation (F)
black body temperature (F)
black-and-white map (K)
blank page, white page (K)
blank paper (K)
block aerial triangulation (F)
block diagram (K)
block letters (K)
block sketch (M)
blue key (K)
blue print (K)
blueprint paper (K)
bodies of State (O)
bold-type face (K)
book cover, book case (K)
book jacket, dust jacket, wrapper (K)
book press (P)
book printing (K)
book section (K)
book sewer, book sewing machine (P)
book-back gluing (K)
bookbinder (K)
bookbinder´s map adaptation (K)
bookbinding (K)
border (K)
border edging (K)
border information (K)
border point (M)
borehole (M)
Bouguer anomaly (G)
Bouguer complete anomaly (G)
Bouguer plate (G)
bound book (K)
boundary (GI)
boundary band (K)
boundary line of delimitation (K)
boundary mark, boundary stone (UK), poperty corner (US) (G)
boundary mobile of cadastre unit (KN)
boundary of a parcel (KN)
boundary of a plot, boundary of a lot (KN)
boundary of administration unit (KN)
boundary of cadastre unit (KN)
boundary of land use (KN)
boundary of protected areas (K)
boundary of tenure (KN)
boundary point (M)
boundary stone, mark stone (M)
boundary taken over from another map source (KN)
boundary value problem of potential theory (G)
bounding box (GI)
bounding meridian (K)
Bowie effect (G)
bracing, check distance (M)
Braille type (K)
branch map (K)
break point (M)
bridge axis (IG)
brochure, booklet (K)
broken line (K)
broken terrain (M)
broken terrain, rough terrain (M)
buckle folding machine (P)
buckling (of paper) (K)
buffer, buffer zone (GI)
building (KN)
building (KN)
building information modelling (GB), building information modeling (US) – BIM, building information management - BIM (O)
building overlap (KN)
building parcel (KN)
building plot; building site (KN)
building right, right of superficies (KN)
building surveying, surveying in civil engineering (IG)
building under construction (KN)
building with description house number (KN)
building with registration number (KN)
building without house and registration number (KN)
building's perimeter (KN)
built environment (GI)
built-up area (KN)
built-up area and courtyard (KN)
bundle block adjustment (F)
bundle of rays (F)
byte (GI)
C/A-code (GNSS)
Cadastral Branch Office (KP) (O)
cadastral cartography (K)
cadastral documentation (KN)
cadastral income (KN)
cadastral map copy (KN)
cadastral map digitized from an analogue map (KN)
cadastral map, cadastre map (KN)
cadastral mapping (KN)
Cadastral Office (KÚ) (O)
cadastral surveying (KN)
cadastre as established by Emperor Joseph II (KN)
cadastre of lands (KN)
cadastre reference map (KN)
cadastre summarization documents (KN)
cadastre unit (KN)
cadastre, cadaster (US) (KN)
calculated scale (K)
calculation of areas (KN)
calculation record (KN)
calendered paper, calender finished paper (K)
calibrated focal length (F)
calibration (MET)
calibration and measurement capability (MET)
calibration certificate, calibration report (MET)
calibration interval (MET)
calibration point, calibration station (G)
camera calibration (F)
capability (O)
capital letter, capital (K)
caption, legend (K)
cardboard (K)
carrier (F)
carrier frequency (GNSS)
carrier phase (GNSS)
carrier-aided tracking (GNSS)
carrier-aided tracking (GNSS)
cart track (M)
Cartesian coordinate system (K)
cartogram (K)
cartogram scale (K)
cartographema (K)
cartographer (K)
cartographic bibliography (K)
cartographic block diagram (K)
cartographic communication (K)
cartographic conception (K)
cartographic conventions (K)
cartographic coordinate transformation (K)
cartographic coordinates (K)
cartographic data (K)
cartographic database (GI)
cartographic division of territory (K)
cartographic documentation (K)
cartographic equator (K)
cartographic foil (K)
cartographic generalization (K)
cartographic graphics (K)
cartographic information (K)
cartographic interpolation (K)
cartographic latitude (K)
cartographic longitude (K)
cartographic meridian (K)
cartographic model (K)
cartographic modelling (K)
cartographic morphem (K)
cartographic parallel (K)
cartographic phenomena presentation by diagrams (K)
cartographic pole (K)
cartographic printing (K)
cartographic product (K)
cartographic product (K)
cartographic product (map) revision (K)
cartographic production (K)
cartographic representation (K)
cartographic semiology (K)
cartographic sign resolution limit (K)
cartographic sketching (K)
cartographic syntagma (K)
cartographic techniques (K)
cartographic thesaurus (K)
cartographic type, cartographic face, cartographic script (K)
cartographic typography (K)
cartographic work editing (K)
cartographic work review (K)
cartographic works (K)
cartographical lithographer (K)
cartographical research methods (K)
cartography (K)
cartography of mining surveys (K)
cartolithography (K)
cartometric aids pl (K)
cartometric coordinates (K)
cartometric error (K)
cartometry (K)
cartouche (K)
case binding (K)
casing-in (K)
Cassini´s projection (K)
catalogue of topographic(al) objects, catalog of topographic(al objects (US)) (K)
cave mouth (M)
caveat (KN)
CCD, charge coupled device (P)
celestial longitude, ecliptical longitude (G)
cell (GI)
census choice of map elements (K)
centering data (M)
centering of a planetable (M)
centering of an instrument (G)
centering rod (P)
centesimal division (G)
Central Archive of Surveying and Cadastre (O)
central point of an arc (IG)
central projection, gnomonic projection (K)
central shutter (F)
centre of photo(graph) (F)
centre, center (US) (M)
centrifugal acceleration (G)
centring plate, centering plate (US) (P)
centroid, centroid point, label point (GI)
certificate authority, certification authority (GI)
certification (MET)
chain-dot line (K)
chainage, track chainage (IG)
Chanel of High Accuracy (GNSS)
Chanel of Standard Accuracy (GNSS)
change analysis of land fund (KN)
change of using of lot (KN)
change record (KN)
Channel (GNSS)
characteristic (O)
characteristic axis point, characteristic point of the center line (IG)
characteristic sheet (K)
chart folio, sea atlas (K)
chart of navigation (K)
check mark (IG)
check measurement (TCH)
check point (M)
checking and correction of a final map proof (K)
chip (GNSS)
chip rate (GNSS)
choice of projection (K)
chopper fold (K)
chopping (G)
chorogram (K)
chorographic map (K)
choronym (K)
choropleth map (K)
choropleth method (K)
chromatic colour, chromatic color (US) (K)
chromebook (GI)
chromo-based board (K)
cicero (K)
circle symbol (K)
circuit closure (G)
Circular Error Probable (GNSS)
circumference measurement, perimeter measurement (IG)
circumzenithal (P)
civil day, calendar day (G)
civil law (O)
clamp (P)
class, grade (GI)
classical atlas (K)
classification (GI)
classification of survey photographs (M)
classification of types (K)
clear original, clear copy (K)
click (GI)
client (GI)
cliff (M)
clinometer (P)
clock bias (GNSS)
clock offset (GNSS)
close range photogrammetry (F)
closed traverse (M)
closing error, error of closure (TCH)
cloud (GI)
cloud computing (GI)
cloud infrastructure (GI)
co-latitude; polar distance (K)
co-ownership (KN)
coarse reading (G)
coastal chart (K)
coastline (M)
coastline (K)
coated paper, art paper, glossy paper (K)
coating base (K)
code (GNSS)
code division multiple access (GNSS)
code measurement, code phase (GNSS)
code registrating theodolite (P)
coefficient of refraction (G)
coherent radiation (F)
coherent system of units of measurement (MET)
coherent unit (MET)
cohesion region (O)
coil binding (K)
coincidence (G)
col topographic (M)
cold start (GNSS)
collateral (KN)
collating mark, niggerheads (K)
collected land (KN)
collection of documents (KN)
collective standard (MET)
collimator (P)
Collins point (G)
collotype plate (P)
collotype printing (K)
colour brightness, color brightness (US) (K)
colour chart, color chart (US) (K)
colour contrast, color contrast (US) (K)
colour control scale, color control scale (US) (K)
colour extract, color extract (US) (K)
colour fading, color fading (US) (K)
colour film, color film (US) (F)
colour filter, color filter (US) (K)
colour gradation, color gradation (US) (K)
colour harmony, color harmony (US) (K)
colour hue, color hue (US) (K)
colour hypsometry (K)
colour hypsometry method, color hypsometry method (US) (K)
colour infrared film, false colour film, spectrozonal film, color infrared film (US), falze color film (US) (F)
colour layout, color layout (US) (K)
colour lightening, color lightening (K)
colour map desing, color map desing (US) (K)
colour model; color model (US) (K)
colour of hill shading, color of hill shading (US) (K)
colour printing; color printing (US) (K)
colour proof process, color proof process (US) (K)
colour proof, color proof (US) (K)
colour register accuracy, color register accuracy (US) (K)
colour register, color register (US) (K)
colour representing features according to accepted principles, color representing features according to accepted principles (K)
colour saturation, color saturation (US) (K)
colour separation negative, color separation negative (US) (K)
colour separation, color separation (US) (K)
colour sequence, color sequence (US) (K)
colour specification, color specification (US) (K)
colour stamping, color stamping (US) (K)
colour standardization (K)
colour transparency, colour translucency (K)
colour wedge, color wedge (US) (K)
colour wheele, colour circle, color wheele (US), color circle (US) (K)
colour; color (US) (K)
coloured area, colored area (US) (K)
coloured paper, colored paper (US) (K)
column (K)
column width (K)
combination plate (K)
combined (buckle-and-knife) folding machine (P)
combined (map) sheet (K)
combined diagrammatic map (K)
combined intersection (G)
combined method (M)
commercial cartography (K)
commercial law (O)
commercial service (GNSS)
common boundary of maps (K)
common boundary point of three cadastre units or three lots (KN)
common ownership of lands and forests of (feudal) subjects, (feudal) land and duty register, urbarial (KN)
communication satellite (G)
comparative composition of parcels (KN)
compass (P)
compass survey, survey by magnetic compass (M)
compass tacheometry (M)
compass theodolite (P)
compass traverse (M)
Compass/BeiDou navigation satellite system (GNSS)
compatibility (GI)
Compatibility (GNSS)
compensator (P)
compensatory lot (KN)
compensatory use of land (KN)
compensing mask (K)
competence (O)
competence to land management (KN)
competence to manage the state property (KN)
compilation (K)
compilation manuscript (K)
compilation scale (K)
complementary colours, complementary colors (US) (K)
complete raster of entire cadastre unit (KN)
complex land consolidation (KN)
complex map (K)
complex of buildings (KN)
complex thematic atlas (K)
compliance measurement (IG)
composite name, compound name (K)
composite name, compound name (K)
composition (GI)
compositor (K)
compound coordinate reference system (G)
computation of observation record (M)
computer aided map processing (K)
computer graphics (GI)
computer-assisted cartography (K)
conceptual model (GI)
conceptual schema (GI)
concertina folding, zigzag folding (K)
condensed type (K)
condition of colinearity (F)
condition of complanarity (F)
cone (M)
conference on the International Map of the World (K)
confidence coefficient (TCH)
configuration map (K)
conformal projection (K)
conformance, conformity (GI)
congruent transformation (TCH)
conical projection, conic projection (US) (K)
connecting direction (M)
connecting point (G)
connecting surveys (M)
connection side (M)
conservation of a measurement standard (MET)
consolidation of parcels (KN)
consolidation of plots (KN)
Constellation (GNSS)
constitutional law (O)
construction (K)
construction measure (M)
construction of contour lines (M)
contact print (K)
contact printing (K)
continental map (K)
Continuity (GNSS)
continuous mapping (M)
continuous raster (KN)
continuous-tone image (K)
continuously operating reference station (GNSS)
contour distance (M)
contour interval (M)
contour line interval (M)
contour line, contour, isohypse (M)
contour pen (P)
contour scriber (P)
contour value (M)
contoured map (M)
contrasting colours, contrasting colors (US) (K)
control measurement of geometric parameters (IG)
control drawing (K)
control measurement of realized building (IG)
control measurement, check measurement (TCH)
control section (IG)
control segment (GNSS)
control survey in construction (IG)
control survey record (IG)
controversial remark (KN)
conventional sign (K)
conventional true value of a quantity (MET)
convergence case of photography (F)
convergence of meridians (G)
conversion of numerical data of an analogue map in the JTSK coordinate system into digital form (KN)
conveyor belt (M)
cooling tower (M)
coordinate (G)
coordinate conversion (G)
coordinate dimension (TCH)
coordinate grid (K)
coordinate operation (G)
coordinate reference system (G)
coordinate system (G)
coordinate transformation (G)
coordinatograph (P)
copperplate map engraving (K)
copperplate printing (K)
copy (K)
copy (of the publication) which will be obligatory sent to offices and institutions according to the law prescriptions (K)
copy of land registry map (KN)
copy of the map (K)
copy ready for setting (K)
copy-holder, copy-board (P)
copying (K)
copying layer (K)
copying screen (K)
copyright (K)
copyright protection (K)
corporate standard (O)
corrected galley-proof (K)
corrected result (TCH)
correction (TCH)
correction copy (K)
correction factor (TCH)
correction for Earth curvature and refraction (G)
correction for slope, correction for inclination (M)
correction marks (K)
correction overprint (K)
correction sheet (KN)
correction sheet (K)
correctostat paper (K)
covariance (TCH)
covariance matrix (TCH)
coverage (GI)
coverage (GNSS)
coverage factor (MET)
covering power of ink (K)
craft binding (K)
crane bridge measurement (IG)
crane rail measurement (IG)
crane runway (M)
cross measure, diagonal size (M)
cross of coordinate network (M)
cross section (IG)
crossing (M)
crosslines, cross-hairs, reticule (P)
crown, top of the road (M)
cryptoanalysis (GI)
cryptography (GI)
cryptology (GI)
crystal eyes (F)
cube (symbol) (K)
cultural feature (K)
current chart (K)
current edition (K)
cursor (P)
curve (GI)
curve end point, tangent point (IG)
curve start point, tangent point (IG)
customary tenure (KN)
customer (O)
cut (M)
cut line, cutting line (F)
cutting to size (K)
cyan (K)
cyanotypy, blueprint (K)
cybersecurity (O)
cycle of map renewal (M)
cycle slip (GNSS)
cyclic revision (K)
cyclo-tourist map (K)
cylindrical projection (K)
Czech Cartographic Society (K)
Czech chamber of land surveyors (O)
Czech Detailed Leveling Network (G)
Czech gravimetric network (G)
Czech national trigonometric network (G)
Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre (ČÚZK) (O)
Czech Positioning System (GNSS)
Czech Standard (O)
Czech State Leveling Network (G)
CZEPOS services (GNSS)
damping unit (P)
danger line (K)
dark room (K)
data (GI)
data (GI)
data acquisition, data capture, data gathering (GI)
data administrator (GI)
data aggregation (GI)
data carrier (K)
data compression (GI)
data conversion (GI)
data exchange format, data interchange format (GI)
data export (GI)
data file (GI)
data format (GI)
data import (GI)
data management (GI)
data mining (GI)
data model (GI)
data processing (GI)
data protection (GI)
data record (GI)
data repository (GI)
data science (GI)
data set, dataset (GI)
data source (GI)
data storage, data storing (GI)
data transfer (O)
Data250 (GI)
Data50 (GI)
database (GI)
database management system (DBMS) (GI)
database of geodetic control (G)
database of geographic names (GI)
database updating, database update (GI)
datatype (GI)
date of completion of the map content (K)
date of map issue, publication date note (K)
date of printing (K)
datum (G)
datum - local vertical (IG)
datum error of a measuring instrument (MET)
Datum of Uniform Trigonometric Cadastral Network (G)
datum point, reference point (G)
day-light film (K)
dead band (MET)
dealing about reclamations (KN)
dealing in cadastre, dealing in cadaster (US) (KN)
decentring lens distortion, decentering lens distortion (US) (F)
decimal scale (K)
declaration of the effect of renewed documents of cadastre (KN)
declination (G)
deed (KN)
default value (GI)
defect (TCH)
defined map size (M)
definition point (pointer, centroid) of a building or hydraulic structure (KN)
definition point (pointer, centroid) of a parcel (KN)
definitive method of measurement (MET)
deflection of the vertical (G)
deformation (IG)
degree (G)
degree square, quadrangle (K)
degrees of freedom (TCH)
delete mark (K)
demo version, demo (GI)
demographic(al) atlas (K)
demographic(al) map (K)
demonym ; gentilic (K)
densitometer (P)
densitometry (K)
density class (K)
density exposure curve (K)
density of (geodetic) control (M)
density of geographic names (K)
density of planimetry (M)
dependability (TCH)
depression (M)
depression, sag (M)
depth contour, isobath, bathymetric contour (M)
derived cartographic product (K)
derived map (M)
derived object of National Set of Spatial Objects (GI)
derived quantity (MET)
derived unit (MET)
descent of terrain relief (M)
descent of terrain relief, downgrade of terrain relief (M)
description house number (KN)
descriptive and survey documentation of real estate registry (KN)
design contour (M)
design sheet (of the map) (K)
design, typography, markup (K)
designed value of a setting-out quantity (IG)
desktop computer (P)
detailed determination of object position (K)
detailed map (M)
detailed survey (M)
detailed survey point (M)
detector (MET)
determination of geoid (G)
determination of spatial relations (of constructions) (IG)
determining direction (M)
determining length (M)
detritus cone (M)
developed area, build-up area (IG)
developer (K)
developing apparatus, developing device (P)
development (K)
deviation (TCH)
deviation of a surface (TCH)
deviation of the building component dimension (IG)
diagonal scale, transversal scale (P)
diagram (K)
diagram map (K)
diagramm tacheometry (G)
diagrammatic map with dot symbols (K)
diagrams or sketches placed inside or outside the map border (K)
dial (MET)
dial gauge (P)
diapositive mask (K)
diazo film (K)
diazo paper (K)
die stamping, relief stamping (K)
differential corrections (GNSS)
differential GPS (GNSS)
differential measurement (GNSS)
differential method of measurement (MET)
differential positioning, relative positioning (GNSS)
difficulty grade of mapping (M)
diffuse reflection (F)
diffuse reflection foil (K)
digital aerial camera (P)
digital cadastral map (KN)
digital camera (P)
digital cartographic model (DCM) (K)
digital code of cadastre unit (KN)
digital data (GI)
digital elevation model (DEM) (GI)
digital image (GI)
digital image processing (F)
digital image record (F)
digital indication (IG)
digital landscape model (GI)
digital landscape model (M)
digital levelling instrument, digital leveling instrument (US) (P)
digital map (GI)
digital map of public administration (GI)
digital mapping (M)
digital measuring instrument (P)
digital photogrammetric workstation (DPW) (F)
digital photogrammetry (F)
digital printing (K)
digital printing machine (P)
digital surface model (DSM) (GI)
digital tacheometer, numerical tacheometer (P)
digital technical map (M)
digital technical map of the region (M)
digital terrain model (DTM) (GI)
digital theodolite, electronic theodolite (P)
digital twin (GI)
digitized cadastral map (KN)
digitized image data (GI)
digitized map (M)
digitizer, tablet (P)
digitizing of a map (M)
digitizing, digitization (M)
digression (G)
dilution of precision (GNSS)
dimension (M)
dimension line (M)
dimension of a quantity (MET)
dimensional stability (K)
dimensioning (M)
dimensionless quantity (MET)
dip of the horizon (G)
direct distance measurement (G)
direct measurement (M)
direct method of measurement (MET)
direct position (GI)
direct printing (K)
direct spatial reference system (GI)
direct-comparison method of measurement (MET)
direction halfset (G)
direction to a witness point (M)
direction to the computation surface (G)
discrepancy (TCH)
discrimination (MET)
discrimination threshold (MET)
dispersion (TCH)
displacement, offset (K)
displacement, shift (IG)
display (P)
displayed point (M)
disputable boundary (KN)
distance measurement (M)
distance measurement with invar tapes (M)
distance meter (P)
distance, length (M)
distinctive type-faces pl (K)
distinguishing evolution of map making (K)
distortion isograms (K)
distortion of bearing, deformation of bearing (K)
distortion of the cartographic projection (K)
distortions of a map projection (K)
distributed database (GI)
distribution copy (K)
distribution function (TCH)
distribution map (K)
district (US), shire (GB) (O)
ditch (M)
diurnal aberration (G)
divided co-ownership (KN)
document (GI)
documentation of adjudication and surveying (KN)
documentation of detailed survey of changes (KN)
documentation of land parcels setting-out (KN)
documentation of state boundaries (G)
documentation of the uniform land registry (KN)
documentation works (K)
documents related to map creation (M)
domain (GI)
Domesday Book (KN)
DOP holes (GNSS)
Doppler effect (G)
Doppler shift (GNSS)
dot map (K)
dot method (K)
dotted line (K)
double cartogram (K)
double click (GI)
double difference (GNSS)
double line (K)
double line contour pen, railway pen (P)
double line drawing pen (P)
double line scriber (P)
double set (G)
double-run levelling, levelling in both directions, leveling in both directions (US) (M)
download service (GI)
drafting template, drafting guide (K)
drafting triangular tools (P)
drainage plate, water plate (K)
draught of selected elements which are to be combined for printing in single colour, draught of selected elements which are to be combined for printing in single color (US) (K)
draughting original (K)
drawing base (K)
drawing card, drawing cardboard (K)
drawing head, drafting head (P)
drawing ink (K)
drawing paper (K)
drawing pen (P)
drawing techniques (K)
drift (MET)
drone (F)
drop-bow compasses pl, pump-bow compasses pl (P)
dry (picture) transfer (K)
drying speed of ink (K)
dual frequency (GNSS)
Dublin Julian Date (G)
dummy copy (K)
dummy make-up (K)
duplex printing (K)
duplicate film (K)
dyeline print (K)
dyeline printing (K)
dynamic measurement (MET)
dynamic Positioning (GNSS)
dynamic(al) representation (K)
early map (K)
Earth map in two hemispheres, planiglobes (K)
Earth resources satellite (F)
Earth tides (G)
earthworks, ground smoothing, ground levelling, ground leveling (US) (IG)
easement (KN)
easement (KN)
easement plot (parcel) (KN)
eastern geographical longitude (K)
eastern longitude, east longitude (G)
easting (E) (G)
eccentric anomaly (G)
ecliptic (G)
economic-geographical map (K)
edge (GI)
edge comparison (of map sheets) (M)
edge matching (of map sheets) (M)
edge sharpness (F)
edging; edge-binding (K)
editing (GI)
editing board (K)
edition (K)
edition notes pl (K)
edition number (K)
edition plan (K)
editor's licence (K)
editor's revision (K)
editor-in-chief (K)
editorial board (K)
editorial closing (K)
editorial instructions (K)
editorial plan, publishing scheme (K)
Egyptian (type design) (K)
election district (O)
electrographic printing, electrostatic printing, electrography (K)
electromagnetic radiation (F)
electronic distance measurement (M)
electronic distance meter (P)
electronic learning, e-learning (GI)
electronic shutter (F)
electronic signature, e-signature, digital signature (KN)
electronic tacheometry (G)
electrostatic print (K)
element (GI)
element of space position, location element (IG)
elementary land consolidation (KN)
elements of exterior orientation (F)
elements of interior orientation (F)
elevation (M)
elevation angle (M)
elevation mask, cutoff angle, mask angle (GNSS)
elevation(al) drawing (K)
ellipse of distortion, Tissot´s Indicatrix (K)
ellipse of nutation, nutation ellipse (G)
ellipsoid 1967 (G)
ellipsoid 1980 (GRS 80) (G)
ellipsoid Krassovsky (G)
ellipsoid WGS84 (G)
elongation (G)
embankment (M)
emissivity (F)
enclosed (survey) sketch (M)
encoding (GI)
end leaves pl, end papers pl (K)
endonym (K)
enewal of cadastral documentation (KN)
engineering coordinate reference system (IG)
engineering datum, local datum (IG)
engineering levelling, engineering leveling (US) (G)
engineering photogrammetry (F)
engineering surveying (IG)
engraving foil (K)
engraving head (P)
engraving inversion (K)
engraving pantograph, punch cutting machine (P)
engraving point (P)
enlargement factor (K)
enlargement proportion, enlargement ratio (K)
entity (GI)
entry of legal relations (KN)
entry of legal relations to real estates (KN)
environmental satellite (F)
ephemeris (G)
Ephemeris (GNSS)
ephemeris error (GNSS)
ephemeris time (G)
epipolar geometry (F)
epipolar transformation (F)
epoch (GNSS)
epoch date (GNSS)
equal optical density (K)
equation of cartographic projection (K)
equator (K)
equatorial satellite (G)
equatorial scale (K)
equidistance line (K)
equidistant projection (K)
equinox (G)
equipment for map storage (K)
equivalent projection, equal-area projection, authalic projection (K)
erratum, errata pl (K)
error (TCH)
error ellipses; ellipse of errors (TCH)
error ellipsoid; ellipsoid of errors (TCH)
error of a measuring instrument (MET)
error of map lettering (K)
error of observation; observational error (TCH)
error of reproduction (K)
error of vertical collimation, vertical circle index error (TCH)
estimated pedologic-ecological unit (KN)
estimated position error (GNSS)
EuroGeographics (O)
European Geostationary Navigation Overlay System (EGNOS) (GNSS)
European Standard (EN) (O)
European Terrestrial Reference System (G)
exonym (M)
exonyme (K)
expanded measurement uncertainty (MET)
expanded scale (MET)
expanded type (K)
experimental standard deviation (TCH)
expert evidence (O)
exposure (F)
exposure meter (P)
exposure time (K)
expressed scale (M)
expressed scale (K)
expropriation (KN)
extensible markup language (XML) (GI)
extent of the work (K)
exterior orientation (F)
external projection (K)
extract of cadastre of real estates (KN)
extract of real estate registry (KN)
extraction scale (M)
extraterrestial name (K)
extrusion, border break, blister (US) (K)
eye-piece micrometer (P)
face (GI)
facility (M)
facsimile (K)
fair draught (of the map), fair draft (of the map) (US) (K)
fair draught for a map plate, fair draft for a map plate (US) (K)
fair draught hydrography for a map plate, fair draft hydrography for a map plate (US) (K)
fair draught hypsography for a map plate, fair draft hypsography for a map plate (US) (K)
fair draught in colour, fair draft in color (US) (K)
fair draught lettering for a map plate, fair draft lettering for a map plate (US) (K)
fair draught of topographic map, fair draft of topographic map (US) (M)
fair draught production, fair draft production (US) (K)
fair drawing, fair draughting, fair drafting (US) (K)
fair sheet, smooth sheet (US) (KN)
fall line (M)
fall line direction (M)
false projection (K)
false-colour, false-color (US) (F)
far-infrared radiation (F)
Fasching projection (K)
fascimile map (K)
fast colour, fast color (US) (K)
fast static surveying, fast ambiguity resolution, rapid static surveying (GNSS)
fathom (KN)
fathom scale (K)
Faye anomaly, free-air anomaly (G)
feature (GI)
feature and attribute coding catalogue, feature and attribute coding catalog (US) (GI)
feature relationship (K)
federated databases (GI)
fence (M)
ferry (M)
fiber optics (P)
fiducial mark (F)
field (survey) sketch, field survey document, plat (US) (M)
field book (M)
field inspection, adjudication (KN)
field of view (F)
field of view of telescope (G)
field reconnaissance sketch (M)
field survey (M)
figural sign, figural symbol (K)
figure with parallactic angle (G)
file maintenance (GI)
file of descriptive information (KN)
file of geodetic information (KN)
file updating (GI)
filling (K)
filling cabinet (K)
film cassette, film holder (K)
film distortion (K)
film negative (K)
film positive (K)
filmsetting (K)
final press proof, clean proof (K)
final revision of survey sketch (M)
finding out the point (M)
firmware (GI)
first edition (K)
first point of Cancer (G)
fixed point (M)
fixed point of minor geodetic control (G)
fixing solution (K)
flap (K)
flat, dwelling (KN)
flat-bed printing (K)
flatness deviation of a surface (TCH)
flatness of paper (K)
flattening (G)
flexographic printing (K)
flight line (F)
floor (KN)
flow diagram (of a map) (K)
fluorescent ink (K)
fluorescent map (K)
flying laboratory (F)
FMC (forward motion compensation) (F)
focal length (F)
focus depth (K)
focusing screen (K)
fog, fogging (K)
foil stamping (K)
fold (K)
fold marks (K)
folded map (K)
folder, folding machine (P)
folding strength (K)
folio of proprietary rights, owner's folio, Deed of Ownership (KN)
fondation map, base map (M)
foot screw, leveling screw (P)
foothill curve (M)
foothill, foot (M)
footplate, base of staff (P)
forced centring, forced centering (US) (M)
forced registering (K)
ford (M)
forecast map (K)
foreign name (K)
forest break (M)
forest clearing (M)
forest land resources (KN)
forest lot (KN)
forest survey (M)
forestry map (K)
form line (M)
form of terrain relief (georelief) (M)
format (K)
formate of a foulded map (K)
forward intersection (M)
forward levelling, forward leveling (US) (G)
fountain, ink dust (P)
four-colour printing, four-color printing (US) (K)
Fourier analysis (F)
fractional number of lot, fractional number of land parcel (KN)
frame (GNSS)
frame sketch (M)
framework division, neat line graduation (K)
framework, map frame (K)
free network (TCH)
free station method (G)
free survey line (M)
freedom from bias of a measuring instrument (MET)
freeware, free software, open license software (GI)
French curves pl (P)
frequency band (F)
frequency curve (K)
frequency division multiple access (GNSS)
frontier line, boundary line (on a state boundary) (M)
full bound (K)
Full Operational Capability (GNSS)
full sheet (M)
function (GI)
functional standard (GI)
Fundamental Base of Geographic Data (GI)
fundamental bench mark (G)
Fundamental database for geographic information system (GI)
fundamental frequency (GNSS)
fundamental geodetic control (G)
fundamental gravity geodetic control (G)
fundamental horizontal control (G)
fundamental indication bench mark (G)
fundamental method of measurement (MET)
fundamental satellite tracking station, basic point of satellite triangulation (G)
fundamental state map series (M)
fundamental triangulation sheet (G)
fundamental vertical control (G)
funicular (IG)
future pledge (KN)
future usufruct of a property (KN)
Gal (G)
galactic longitude (G)
Galileo (GNSS)
galley proof (K)
garden (KN)
gathered sheets of the completed book (K)
gatherer (P)
gauge zero mark (M)
gauging (P)
Gauss projection (K)
Gauss-Krüger projection (K)
Gaussian curve (TCH)
Gaussian distribution (TCH)
Gaussian elimination (TCH)
gazetteer (K)
general cartography (K)
General Conference on Weights and Measures (MET)
general geographical map, general geographic map (US) (K)
general liability of real estate registry (KN)
general mining map (K)
general sketch of geodetic control (M)
generalisation principles pl (K)
generalisation theory (K)
generalisation threshold (K)
generalization by means of automatic data processing (K)
generalization method (K)
generalization operator (K)
generalization procedures (K)
generalization scale (K)
geocentric coordinates (G)
geocentric latitude (K)
geocode (GI)
geodatabase (GI)
geodesic curve, geodesic line (G)
geodesist, geodetic surveyor (US) (O)
geodesy, surveying (G)
geodetic activities (M)
Geodetic and Cartographic Review (Geodetický a kartografický obzor) (O)
geodetic astronomy (G)
geodetic azimuth (G)
geodetic base (data) of structure design (IG)
geodetic baseline (G)
geodetic bases, geodetic control (G)
geodetic cartography (K)
geodetic connection (M)
geodetic coordinate reference system (G)
geodetic coordinate system, ellipsoidal coordinate system (G)
geodetic coordinates (G)
geodetic data of survay control point (M)
geodetic datum (G)
geodetic documentation of the as-built construction (IG)
geodetic documentation, survey documentation (G)
geodetic fundamental point, initial point (G)
geodetic gravity point, geodetic gravity station, gravity point (G)
geodetic height point (G)
geodetic height, ellipsoidal height (G)
geodetic latitude, ellipsoidal latitude (φ) (G)
geodetic line (G)
geodetic longitude, ellipsoidal longitude (λ) (G)
geodetic measurement (M)
geodetic methods (G)
geodetic observatory (G)
geodetic point field, geodetic control (G)
geodetic reference system (M)
geodetic system (M)
geodetical gravimetry (G)
geodetical satellite, geodetic satellite (US) (G)
geodynamic control (G)
geodynamical satellite (G)
geodynamics (G)
geographic pole (K)
geographic(al) compass (P)
geographic(al) name on a map; place name (K)
geographical atlas, geographic atlas (US) (K)
geographical cartography, geographic cartography (US) (K)
geographical coordinates, geographic coordinates (US) (K)
geographical data base (GI)
geographical data, geographic data (US,) geodata, (geo)spatial data (GI)
geographical database, geographic database (US) (GI)
geographical feature, geographic feature (US) (GI)
geographical grid, graticule, geographic grid (US) (M)
geographical identifier, geographic identifier (US) (GI)
geographical information science, geographic information science (US), geospatial science, GIScience (GI)
geographical information service, geographic information service (US) (K)
geographical information system (GIS ), geographic information system (US) (GI)
geographical information, geographic information (US), geoinformation, (geo)spatial information (GI)
geographical map, geographic map (US) (K)
geographical names authority, Board on geographic names (US) (K)
geographical names, geographic names (US) (K)
geography (K)
geography markup language (GML) (GI)
geoid (G)
geoid undulation (G)
geoidal height (G)
geoinformatician (O)
geoinformatics (GI)
geological map (K)
geomagnetical map (K)
geomatician (O)
geomatics (GI)
geometric (map) symbol (K)
geometric element (IG)
geometric method of measurement (G)
geometrical consistency, geometric consistency (US) (GI)
geometrical correction, geometric correction (US) (F)
geometrical determination of cadastre unit, geometric determination of cadastre unit (US) (KN)
geometrical determination of real estate, geometric determination of real estate (US) (KN)
geometrical dilution of precision (GDOP), geometric dilution of precision (US) (GNSS)
geometrical elements, geometric elements (US) (IG)
geometrical generalization, geometric generalization (US) (K)
geometrical levelling, geometric levelling (US) (G)
geometrical map symbol, geometric (map) symbol (US) (M)
geometrical mean, geometric mean (US) (TCH)
geometrical primitive, geometric primitive (US) (GI)
geomorphologic line (M)
geomorphologic map (K)
geomorphology (M)
Geonames - database of geographical names in the Czech Republic (K)
geonym, geographical name, geographic name (US) (K)
geoportal (GI)
geopotential (G)
georeferencing (GI)
georeferencing of real estate and cadastre unit (KN)
georelief map (K)
geostationary satellite, synchronous fixed satellite (G)
Geosynchronous orbit (GNSS)
geosystem (GI)
geovisualization (GI)
gigabyte (GI)
gimbal (F)
given point (M)
given value (O)
glass plate (K)
global determination of object position (K)
global geodesy (G)
global geodynamics (G)
Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)
Global Positioning System (GNSS)
Global spatial data infrastructure (GSDI) (GI)
global transformation key (KN)
globe (K)
globe cartography (K)
globe map (K)
globe of the celestial sphere (K)
globe of the Earth (K)
globe of the Moon (K)
globe zone, globe gore (K)
globular projection (K)
GLONASS (GLObalnaja NAvigacionnaja Sputnikovaja Systema) (GNSS)
glued paper (K)
gnomonic projection (K)
GNSS instrument (GNSS)
GNSS permanent station (G)
GNSS signal integrity (GNSS)
GNSS technology (GNSS)
GNSS time (GNSS)
golf source (M)
gon (G)
GPS almanac (GNSS)
GPS navigation message (GNSS)
GPS satellites block (GNSS)
GPS time, GPS system time (GNSS)
GPS week, week number (GNSS)
grabbing, ripping (GI)
gradation (F)
grade, dip (IG)
gradient of terrain relief (georelief) (M)
graduated point symbols scale (K)
graduated sign, proportional sign, proportional symbol (K)
graininess, granularity (K)
grandstand (M)
grant of map reproduction rights (K)
graph (K)
graphic arts, printing production (K)
graphic desing (K)
graphic(al) accuracy (K)
graphical accuracy, draughting accuracy, drawing accuracy, graphic accuracy (US), drafting accuracy (US) (K)
graphical analysis of cartographic work, graphic analysis of cartographic work (US) (K)
graphical base of a map, graphic base of a map (US) (M)
graphical calculation of areas, graphic calculation of areas (US) (KN)
graphical chart, graphic chart (US) (M)
graphical determination of object position, graphic determination of object position (US) (K)
graphical enlargement, graphic enlargement (US) (K)
graphical error, graphic error (US) (K)
graphical intersection, graphic intersection (US) (M)
graphical method, graphic method (US) (M)
graphical reduction, graphic reduction (US) (K)
graphical scale of hachures, graphic scale of hachures (US) (K)
graphical scale, scale bar, graphic scale (US) (M)
graphical symbols, graphic symbols (US) (K)
graphical transformation, graphic transformation (US) (M)
graphical triangulation, graphic triangulation (US) (G)
graphically determined point (G)
grassland (KN)
graticule intersection (K)
graticule lines (K)
graticule tick (K)
graver (P)
gravimeter, gravitymeter (P)
gravimetric base, gravity base line (G)
Gravimetric Datum 1995 (G)
gravimetric geoid (G)
gravimetrical map (K)
gravimetrical point, gravity point (G)
gravimetry (G)
gravitational acceleration (G)
gravity (G)
gravity (geodetic) control (G)
gravity anomaly (G)
gravity control point, gravity reference point (G)
gravity gradient (G)
gravity reduction (G)
gravity reference station, gravity reference point (G)
gravity survey (G)
gravity-related height (H) (G)
gravure printing, intaglio printing (K)
great circle, orthodrome (K)
greenhouse (M)
Greenwich mean time (G)
Greenwich meridian, Prime Meridian (K)
Greenwich sederal time (G)
Greenwich sideral date (G)
Greenwich time (G)
Greenwich true time (G)
Gregorian year (G)
griblet (K)
grid (GI)
grid bearing from the North (G)
grid coordinates, rectangular plane coordinates, Cartesian coordinates (M)
grid diagrammatic map (K)
grid intersection (K)
grid interval (K)
grid levelling, surface levelling, grid leveling (US), surface leveling (US) (M)
grid line (K)
grid magnetic angle, grivation (G)
grid square (K)
grid ticks pl (K)
gripper (P)
gripper edge, lay edge (K)
grotesque (type design) (K)
ground antenna (GNSS)
ground control point (F)
ground sample distance (GI)
ground spatial resolution (F)
Ground-based Augmentation System (GBAS) (GNSS)
group of lots of the same sort having no visible demarcation lines (KN)
group standard, series of standards (MET)
grown terrain (M)
guaranteed data (GI)
guide copy (K)
guidelines (O)
gully (M)
Gusterberg datum of cadastre coordinates, Gusterberg datum (G)
gyro-azimut, azimut gyroscopic (G)
gyro-compass (P)
gyrocopter (P)
gyroscope (P)
gyrotheodolite (P)
hachure (K)
hachure density (K)
hachured map (K)
hachures (M)
hachures giving impression of relief by shadow (K)
hachures of Lehmann, Lehmann hachures (K)
hachuring (K)
hair-line (K)
halation (F)
half (map) sheet (K)
half-title, bastard title (K)
half-tone negative (K)
halftone dot (K)
halftone reproduction (K)
halftone screen (K)
hand colouring, hand coloring (US) (K)
hand composition (K)
hand lettering (K)
hand made map (K)
hanging theodolite (P)
Hansen's problem (G)
hardware (P)
harmonic mean (TCH)
harmonized standard (O)
health of satellite (GNSS)
healthy (GNSS)
heavy line (K)
hectare (KN)
height (h, H) (M)
height above sea level, altitude, elevation (M)
height anomaly (G)
height connection (M)
height difference, difference in elevation (M)
height measurement data (M)
height of fictious reference plane (F)
height point, elevation point (M)
heliographic printing (K)
heliport, helipad (M)
Helmert orthometric height (G)
Helmert transformation (TCH)
helpdesk, help desk (GI)
High Precision Navigation Signal (GNSS)
high-precision levelling, high-precision leveling (US) (G)
higher territorial self-governing entity (O)
hill (M)
hill shading (K)
hill shading method (K)
hillside (M)
hilly country (M)
histogram (F)
histogram of frequency (K)
historical atlas (K)
historical map (K)
historical name (K)
historical school atlas (K)
history of cartography (K)
history of cartography (K)
hodonym (K)
hologram (K)
homonym (K)
hop-field (KN)
horizontal (line) (K)
horizontal angle (M)
horizontal circle (P)
horizontal dilution of precision (GNSS)
horizontal displacement (IG)
horizontal distance (G)
horizontal equivalent (K)
horizontal gravity gradient (G)
horizontal parallax (F)
horizontal refraction (G)
horizontality deviation (TCH)
hospital (M)
house corrections pl (K)
house number, building number (KN)
house orientation number (KN)
human geographic(al) map; human geographic(al) chart (K)
hybrid map (M)
hydrographic chart, nautical chart (K)
hydrographic charting (K)
hydrographic map (K)
hydrography (M)
hydrologic map (K)
hydronym (K)
hydrostatic levelling/leveling (US) (G)
hyperlink, link (GI)
hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) (GI)
hyphen (K)
hypotec, mortgage (KN)
hypsography (M)
hypsography (K)
hypsometric curve (K)
hypsometric layer (K)
hypsometric layer (K)
hypsometric representation (K)
hypsometric sketch, altimetric sketch (M)
hypsometric tint scale, layer box, elevation tints box (K)
hypsometric tint, altitude tint (K)
hypsometry, altimetric survey (M)
hysteresis (MET)
identical point (M)
identification number (KN)
identification of parcels (KN)
identifier (GI)
illuminated contour (K)
illuminated globe (K)
illustration printing paper (K)
image (F)
image coordinate reference system (GI)
image coordinates (F)
image correlation (F)
image data (GI)
image datum (GI)
image detector (F)
image distortion (F)
image format (F)
image motion (F)
image nadir (F)
image plane (F)
image point (F)
image processing (F)
image scale, photo scale (F)
image sensor (F)
imagery (GI)
imaginary (area) map (K)
immovables, real estate, real property (KN)
impersonal micrometer (P)
implementation (GI)
important subject for orientation (M)
impression (K)
impression cylinder (P)
improvement of agrarian structure land consolidation (KN)
inaccessible length (G)
incident angle (F)
inclination (GNSS)
inclination measurement (M)
inclination of sight (line) (M)
incline deviation (TCH)
incunabula (K)
index (MET)
index contour (K)
index contour line interval (M)
index to adjoining sheets (K)
indicating device (MET)
indicating measuring instrument (P)
indication gravity point (G)
indication of a measuring instrument (MET)
indicative sign of house orientation number (KN)
indirect distance measurement (G)
indirect measurement (M)
indirect method of measurement (MET)
indirect orientation (M)
indirect position (GI)
indirect printing (K)
indirect spatial reference system (GI)
indistinct boundary (KN)
indivisible co-ownership (KN)
industrial surveying (IG)
industry 4.0 (O)
inertial azimuth (G)
inertial measurement (G)
inertial measuring unit (IMU) (F)
influence quantity (MET)
informatics (GI)
information (sg. i pl.) (GI)
information and communication technology (ICT) (GI)
information from cadastre of lands (KN)
information from real estate registry (KN)
information from the cadastre of real estate (KN)
information on the building (KN)
information on the cadastre unit (KN)
information on the flat (apartment) and non-residential premises (KN)
information on the owner of real estate and other entitled person (KN)
information on the parcel (of land) (KN)
information provider (GI)
information service (GI)
information system of basic registers (O)
information system of cadastre of real estates (KN)
information system of real estate registry (KN)
information system of territorial identification (KN)
information systems of public administration (O)
information value of a map (K)
infrared band (F)
infrared film (F)
infrared image (F)
infrared radiation (F)
infrastructure (GI)
infrastructure for spatial information in Europe (INSPIRE) (GI)
infrastructure of traffic (IG)
infringement of (map) copyright (K)
inidication sketch (KN)
initial operating capability (GNSS)
initial point, point of origin (G)
initialisation (G)
ink absorption (K)
ink coverage, ink consumption (K)
inking unit (P)
inner drawing (KN)
input (data) (GI)
inset map (KN)
inset, supplement (K)
instable boundary, moving boundary (KN)
instantaneous field of view (IFOV) (F)
instruction for batch processed draughting (drafting - US) and area computing (M)
instructional map (K)
instrument constant (MET)
integrating measuring instrument (P)
integrity monitoring (GNSS)
interactive digitizing, semiautomated digitizing (GI)
interface (GI)
interferometric baseline (F)
interior orientation (F)
intermediate cartographic document (K)
intermediate copy (K)
intermediate key, guide key (K)
intermediate point of geodetic base, intermediate base-line point (G)
intermediate scale (K)
International Association of Geodesy (O)
international benchmark, international standard (MET)
International Cartographic Association (ICA) (K)
International Committee on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (ICG) (GNSS)
international date line (G)
International Federation of Surveyors (G)
International GNSS Service, formerly the International GPS Service (IGS) (GNSS)
International Map of the World (K)
International Society for Photogrammetry and remote sensing (ISPRS) (O)
international standard (GI)
International system of Units, SI (MET)
International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (O)
interoperability (GI)
interpolation from contour lines (M)
interpolation of contour lines (M)
interpuppilary distance (F)
intersection (M)
intersection from distances (M)
intersection from distances (G)
intersection of building's outline with the ground (KN)
intersection photogrammetry (F)
intrinsic error of a measuring instrument (MET)
inundation area (M)
inundation line (M)
invar staff with bar code; invar bar code staff (P)
invar tape (P)
invar wire (P)
inventory of underground lines (IG)
inverse problem of mathematical cartography (K)
investigation, reconnaissance, adjudication (M)
ionosphere (GNSS)
ionospheric delay (GNSS)
ionospheric refraction (GNSS)
iron bar monumentation (M)
irradiation (F)
irradiation of the Earth's surface (F)
irregular deformation of base of a map (K)
ISKN exchange format (KN)
isobaric chart, pressure chart (K)
isobase (G)
isobath chart (K)
isobath value, depth contour value (M)
isogonal line (M)
isoline (K)
isoline map (K)
isoline method (K)
isometric line (K)
isometric view (K)
isopleth (K)
isopleth graph (K)
isostatic anomaly (G)
italic (K)
itinerary (K)
jobbing type face, display type face (K)
joint alignment deviation (TCH)
joint holding, joint tenure (KN)
Julian date (G)
Julian day (JD) (G)
Julian year (G)
junction point traverse (G)
Jung's transformation (TCH)
juridical relation to real estate (KN)
justified interest (KN)
justified preoccupation; justified possession (KN)
justified user of a real estate (KN)
kerb, curb (US) (M)
key map, reconnaissance map (K)
key of transformation (G)
kinematic positioning, kinematic surveying, kinematic GPS (GNSS)
knife folder, knife folding machine (P)
knoll (M)
Křovák´s universal conformal conical projection (K)
kurtosis (TCH)
label (KN)
laboratory unit (a special mode of horizontal angle observation) (G)
Lambert cylindrical equal-area projection (K)
Lambert equal-area conical projection (K)
laminated paper (K)
lamination (of a map) (K)
land (parcel) map (KN)
land administration (KN)
land block, block of land parcels grouped together (KN)
land cadastre documentation (KN)
land cadastre map (KN)
land consolidation (KN)
land cover (GI)
land delimitation, delimitation of land fund (KN)
land fund (KN)
land fund protection (KN)
land information system (LIS) (KN)
land name (K)
land parcel number (KN)
land parcel of simplified Cadastre (KN)
land parcel register, lot register, plot register (KN)
land redistribution, land consolidation, consolidation of land (KN)
land reform (KN)
land register part containing one registration unit (KN)
land register sheet (KN)
land registry book (KN)
land registry map (KN)
land subdivision (KN)
Land Survey and Cadastre Inspectorate (ZKI) (O)
land survey mapping (M)
Land Survey Office (ZÚ) (O)
land surveying (O)
Land Surveying Information System (O)
Land Surveyor (Zeměměřič) (O)
land take documentation (IG)
land use (GI)
land use boundary (KN)
land valuation (KN)
landform-type map, terrain-type map (K)
landing chart (K)
LANDSAT satellite (P)
landslide (M)
Laplace azimuth (G)
Laplace condition (G)
Laplace point, Laplace station (G)
large scale (K)
large scale base map (M)
large scale map (M)
large scale mapping (M)
large-focus camera (P)
laser (P)
laser beam divergence (F)
laser designator (IG)
laser range-finder (IG)
laser scanner (F)
laser scanning (F)
laser theodolite (P)
laser tracker (P)
latent image (K)
lateral shift, transversal shift (displacement) (IG)
lateral tilt, roll (US) (F)
latitude (K)
latitude scale (K)
lay sheet (K)
layer (GI)
layer coating (K)
layer removal (K)
layered (relief) map (K)
layered bathymetric chart (K)
laying-out, setting-out, staking-out (IG)
layout of composition, design of composition (K)
layout of survey sketches (M)
leasehold (KN)
leasehold (of land) (KN)
leaseholder (KN)
legal metrology (MET)
legally controlled measuring instrument (MET)
lenght reduction to sea level (G)
length base, geodetic base (M)
length deviation (TCH)
length of a degree (G)
length of a levelling section, length of a leveling section (US) (G)
length of force of attraction (G)
length of perpendicular (M)
length of sight line (G)
length reduction to the reference surface (M)
lens distortion (F)
lens parameters, objective parameters (K)
lens shutter (K)
letter incline (K)
letter symbol (K)
letter width (K)
lettering stencil (P)
letters height (K)
level (instrument), levelling instrument (P)
level (plane) (M)
level (tool) (P)
level ellipsoid (G)
level line deviation, grade angle (IG)
level net(work) (G)
level of an instrument, height of an instrument (M)
level surface, equipotential surface (G)
level(l)ing base (G)
levelling (vertical) datum, zero-point of levelling, leveling (vertical) datum (US), zero-point of leveling (US), fundamental bench mark (G)
levelling field book, leveling field book (US) (M)
levelling from the center between the rods, leveling from the center between the rods (US) (G)
levelling in local network (G)
levelling in one direction (G)
levelling line, leveling line (US) (G)
levelling look (GB), leveling – (US) (G)
levelling nail, leveling nail (US), pin foot, frog (P)
levelling observer, leveling observer (US) (G)
levelling of the instrument, leveling of the instrument (US) (M)
levelling rod, levelling staff, leveling rod (US), leveling staff (US) (P)
levelling section (GB), leveling – (US) (G)
levelling stone (G)
levelling unit GB), leveling – (US) (G)
levelling, leveling (US) (M)
license (GI)
licensed surveyor (O)
lidar (P)
life cycle of information (GI)
light face (type design) (K)
light head (P)
light integrator (K)
light line (K)
light path (IG)
light pen (P)
light sensitivity of the photographic coating, light sensitivness of the photographic coating (K)
light table (P)
light transmission (K)
light-hardening (K)
light-sensitive coating, actinic layer (K)
limb (P)
limitation of right of disposal, restriction of right of disposal (KN)
limiting conditions (MET)
limits dividing parcels with different kind of utilization (KN)
limits of error, maximal permissible error (MET)
limp binding (K)
line (K)
line construction (M)
line mark (IG)
line negative, pen-and-ink negative (K)
line of equal acceleration of gravity (G)
line of force (G)
line of sight (M)
line screen (P)
line sharpness (K)
line smoothing (K)
line symbol (K)
line thickness (K)
linear building structure (IG)
linear coordinate system (IG)
linear interpolation of contour lines (M)
linear map distortion (K)
linear map feature (K)
linear scale (MET)
link (GI)
link, directed edge, arc (GI)
liquid opaque (K)
list of anoikonyma (KN)
list of differences between the real and recorded state of lots (KN)
list of maps (K)
list of parcel of land (KN)
list of real estate owners and other entitled persons (KN)
list of symbols, map key (M)
list of users and owners (of real estates) (KN)
litho ink (K)
lithographic printer (K)
lithographic stone (P)
lithography (K)
lithography of coloured areas, lithography of colored areas (US) (K)
loan (KN)
local (map) scale (M)
local administrative units (LAU) (O)
Local Area Augmentation system (GNSS)
local area network (LAN) (GI)
local coordinate system (G)
local meridian (K)
local name of a group of land parcels or of a part of municipality (KN)
local name, oikonym (KN)
local network (G)
local relation (KN)
local sideral time (G)
local time (G)
locality (KN)
location (GI)
location sketch (M)
location-based service (LBS) (GI)
location-dependent service (LDS) (GI)
lock (M)
logical consistency (GI)
login, log-in, log-on (GI)
long distance product pipeline (M)
long fold (K)
long-wave irradiation (F)
longitudal shift, longitudal displacement (IG)
longitude (K)
longitude of ascending node (G)
longitude of perihelion (G)
longitude zone (K)
longitudinal profile, longitudinal section (IG)
longitudinal tilt, pitch (US) (F)
look angle (F)
lost point (G)
lot in another municipality (KN)
louvre shutter (F)
low water line (K)
lower limit of setting-out tolerance (IG)
lower limit of size (TCH)
lower permitted deviation (TCH)
luminosity, brightness (US) (F)
lunar name (K)
M-code (GNSS)
machine composition (K)
machine feeder, autofeeder (P)
machine format (P)
machine format (K)
machine proof (K)
machine setting, machine adjustment (K)
macrorelief (M)
magenta (K)
magnetic anomaly, geomagnetic anomaly (G)
magnetic declination (G)
magnetic declination diagram (K)
magnetic heading, magnetic azimuth (G)
magnetic inclination (G)
magnetic measurement in mining survey (IG)
magnetic normal declination (G)
magnetic North (K)
magnetic orientation (M)
magnetic pole (K)
magnetic storage medium (GI)
magnetometric point, magnetometric station, magnetic station (G)
main map (K)
main point of an arc, main point of curve (IG)
main position line, building main position line (IG)
maintenance of descriptive information file of cadastre of real estates (KN)
maintenance of geodetic information file of cadastre of real estates (KN)
major axis, main axis (IG)
major building axis, major structure axis (IG)
majuscule (K)
man-made form of georelief (M)
management (O)
management system (O)
manual digitizing, manual digitization (M)
manual map atlas, reference atlas (K)
manual map, reference map (K)
manual shading (K)
manuscript (K)
manuscript of map lettering (K)
manuscript written on small cards (K)
map (M)
map (atlas) reviewer (K)
map (sheet) trimming edge (K)
map accession list (K)
map accuracy (M)
map aesthetics (K)
map analysis (M)
map anamorphosis (K)
map annex, map inset, map supplement (K)
map archives (K)
map atlas (K)
map author (K)
map background (K)
map base (M)
map bibliography (K)
map case (K)
map catalogue (K)
map cataloguing (K)
map cataloguing system (K)
map character (K)
map characters, map properties (K)
map clarity (K)
map classification (K)
map code (K)
map collection (K)
map colo(u)r arrangement (K)
map colour, map color (US) (K)
map colouring, map coloring (US) (K)
map communication conception (K)
map compilation (K)
map compilation manuscript (K)
map components, map requisites (K)
map composition (GI)
map conception (K)
map construction elements (M)
map contents (M)
map copying (K)
map copyright (K)
map correction (K)
map correction date; map revision date (K)
map coverage (K)
map currency, map relevance (K)
map deformation (K)
map designer (K)
map distance measurement (K)
map documentation (M)
map documentation (K)
map draughtsman, map draftsman (US) (K)
map drawing, map draughting, map drafting (US) (K)
map duplicate (K)
map editing (K)
map edition (K)
map element (M)
map elements simplification (K)
map elements balance (K)
map elements selection (K)
map entropy (K)
map error (K)
map evaluation (K)
map exhibition (K)
map face (M)
map face (K)
map feature (K)
map filing (K)
map folding (K)
map for rock climbers (K)
map frame informations (M)
map front side (K)
map function (K)
map gazetteer (K)
map glueing (K)
map heading (K)
map history (K)
map image (K)
map imprint (K)
map incorporated in an atlas (K)
map information conception (K)
map inset (K)
map interpretation (M)
map issue, edition of a map (K)
map language (K)
map language alternation (K)
map language conception (K)
map language version (K)
map layout (K)
map legend (K)
map lettering (M)
map lettering (K)
map lettering design (K)
map logic (K)
map margin (K)
map marginal note (K)
map matrix (K)
map measurer (P)
map measurer (P)
map mounting (K)
map name in its local form (K)
map of (Earth's) recent crustal movements (K)
map of administrative division (K)
map of gravity abnormalities (K)
map of isochrones (K)
map of land consolidation (KN)
map of Mars (K)
map of real estate registry (KN)
map of selected area (K)
map of state, map of country (K)
map of terrain relief (M)
map of town utilities (M)
map orientation (M)
map overlay (K)
map paper (K)
map print order (K)
map print without frame (K)
map printing (K)
map production (K)
map project (K)
map projecting (K)
map projection (K)
map proof (K)
map proof checking (K)
map proof-reader (K)
map publisher (K)
map publishing house (K)
map purpose (K)
map reader (K)
map reader's work (K)
map reading (K)
map reliability (K)
map renewal (M)
map representing cartometric measurements (K)
map representing slope values (M)
map reproduction (K)
map reverse (K)
map revision cycle (K)
map revision survey (M)
map room (K)
map sample (K)
map scale (K)
map scale determination (M)
map scale type (K)
map sections (K)
map series (M)
map set (K)
map sheet (M)
map sheet assembly (K)
map sheet designation, map nomenclature (M)
map sheet number (K)
map sheet of periodically realized corrections (K)
map sheet size, map format, size of a map sheet (M)
map sheet with updated information (K)
map sheets overlapping (K)
map slice (M)
map source materials (K)
map specification (K)
map storage (K)
map store (K)
map style (K)
map sub-title (K)
map subject (K)
map symbol reference point (K)
map symbol, map sign (M)
map symbols projecting (K)
map title (M)
map trimming (K)
map type (K)
map type indication (K)
map updating (M)
map use (K)
map user (K)
map vectorization (M)
map with varying scale (K)
mapping (M)
mapping accuracy (M)
mapping agency (K)
mapping project (M)
mapping scale (M)
marginal information, marginal notes (M)
marking of boundaries (KN)
marking, beaconing, targeting (M)
marsh, bog (M)
maschine-finished paper (K)
mask (K)
masking (K)
mass forward intersection (M)
material easement (KN)
material measure (MET)
material publicity (KN)
mathematical cartography (K)
mathematical source material of a map (K)
mathematical-statistical analysis of cartographic work (K)
matrix data (GI)
matting (K)
meaintenance of cadastre of real estates (KN)
mean anomaly (G)
mean declination (G)
mean sea level (G)
mean sideral day (G)
mean sideral time (G)
Mean Squared Error (MSE), least squares method (US) (TCH)
mean vernal point (G)
means of map representation (K)
measurable quantity (MET)
measurand (MET)
measured angle, observed angle (M)
measured length, measured distance (G)
measurement accuracy (MET)
measurement error, error of measurement (MET)
measurement of displacements and deformations (IG)
measurement procedure (MET)
measurement process (TCH)
measurement uncertainty, uncertainty of measurement ()
measuring (MET)
measuring element (M)
measuring equipment (P)
measuring equipment history (MET)
measuring focussing screen (K)
measuring instrument, surveying instrument (P)
measuring interval, working interval (MET)
measuring magnifying glass (P)
measuring of angles in one face (G)
measuring standard, measuring gauge (MET)
measuring system (MET)
measuring tool (P)
measuring wedge (P)
mechanical enlargement (K)
mechanical reduction (K)
mechanical templet (P)
median (TCH)
medium scale map (M)
medium scale; middle scale (K)
medium, media (P)
medium-bold type, semibold type (K)
menu (GI)
Mercator map, Mercator chart (K)
Mercator´s projection (K)
meridian (G)
meridian arc (K)
meridian ellipse, ellipsoidic meridian, geodetic meridian (G)
meridian Ferro (K)
meridian of origin (K)
meridional scale (K)
metacartography (K)
metadata (GI)
metadata harvesting (K)
metainformation system (GI)
metalanguage (GI)
meteorological chart (K)
method of cartographic generalization (K)
method of cartographic representation (K)
method of detailed measurements (M)
method of figural symbols, method of figural signs (K)
method of localized diagram symbols (K)
method of measurement (MET)
method of producing plastic relief maps (K)
methodical instructions (O)
Metonic Cycle (G)
Metre Convention, Meter Convention (US) (MET)
metric camera suspension (F)
metrological confirmation (MET)
metrological traceability (MET)
metrologist (O)
metrology (MET)
micro photogrammetry (F)
micro-relief, microrelief (M)
microcard (K)
microdensitometer (P)
microfiche (K)
microfiche camera (P)
microfilm (K)
microfilm camera (P)
micrography (K)
micrometer (P)
micrometer screw, micrometric slow-motion screw, micrometric tangent screw (P)
micronetwork (IG)
microphotography (K)
microrecorded map (K)
microtoponym, minor name (K)
microwave radiation (F)
milestone (M)
miliGal (G)
military cartographic product (K)
military cartography (K)
military geographical atlas, military geographic atlas (US) (K)
military geographical map, military geographic map (US) (K)
Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) (M)
military map (M)
military state map series (K)
Military Territorial Information System (GI)
mine (geodetic) control (G)
mine horizontal (geodetic) control (G)
mine shaft (M)
mine surveying documentation (G)
mine vertical (geodetic) control (G)
minimum distorsion projection (K)
mining area boundary (K)
mining map of surface objects (IG)
mining register (KN)
mining survey (M)
minor geodetic control (M)
minor gravity geodetic control (G)
minor horizontal geodetic control (G)
minor setting-out of an object, setting-out of the object dimension (IG)
minor triangulation (G)
minor vertical geodetic control (G)
minuscule (K)
mirror astrolabe, circumzenital (P)
mirror reflection (F)
miscellaneous projection (K)
mixed anomaly (G)
mixed colour, mixed color (US) (K)
mixing of colours, mixing of colors (US), mixing of inks (K)
mobile laser scanner (P)
mobile mapping (M)
mobile mapping system (P)
mode (TCH)
mode of building using (KN)
mode of flat (or non-residential premises) protection (KN)
mode of land use (KN)
mode of real estate protection (KN)
mode of real estate using (KN)
mode of using the flat or non-residential space (KN)
model (GI)
model coordinates (F)
model oriented generalization (GI)
model scale (K)
modelling, modeling (US) (GI)
modification of cadastre unit, change of cadastre unit (KN)
modified Julian date (G)
modified Julian day (G)
moiré effect (K)
Molodensky transformation (TCH)
mono comparator (P)
montage (K)
monumentation of terminal points of a triangulation base line (M)
monumented point (G)
monumented point of technical levelling, monumented point of technical leveling (US) (G)
Moon atlas, lunar atlas (K)
Moon map, lunar map (K)
more detailed data about the cadastre of real estate (KN)
morphography (K)
morphological interpolation of contour lines (M)
morphometric map (K)
morphometry (K)
mortgage (KN)
motorway basic map, highway basic map (US) (IG)
mouse (P)
multi image photogrammetry (F)
multicolo(u)r (map) printing (K)
multicolour map, multicolor map (US) (K)
multicopter (F)
multifunctional cadastre (KN)
multilingual map (K)
multilingual map script (K)
multipath (GNSS)
multipath error (GNSS)
multiple of a unit (MET)
multiscriptual map (K)
multiscriptual map script (K)
multispectral aerial photograph (F)
multispectral camera (F)
multispectral image (F)
multispectral scanner (F)
multispectral sensing (F)
municipal property, public property (KN)
municipal review of land use areas (KN)
municipality (KN)
municipality political (KN)
municipality with an authorized municipal office (KN)
municipality with extended competence (O)
nadir (G)
nail, rivet (M)
name given to land in former Cadastre of Lands that was intentionally excluded from agriculture or forestry and used as sands pits, flood banks etc. (KN)
name of a map series (M)
name of a map sheet (M)
name of a part of municipality (KN)
name of a part of municipality (KN)
name of cadastre unit (KN)
name of municipality (KN)
name of non-residential premises (KN)
names plate (K)
narrow-lane (GNSS)
national atlas (K)
national etalon, national standard (MET)
National Integration Platform for Spatial Information (GI)
national map series (K)
national set of spatial objects (GI)
National spatial data infrastructure (NSDI) - USA (GI)
national standard (GI)
natural phenomenon, natural feature (K)
natural source of radiation, natural radiation source (F)
natural stereo(scopic) vision (F)
nature of land use (KN)
navigation chart (K)
navigation message file, listing of ephemeris data (GNSS)
navigation message, navigation data, data message (GNSS)
navigation satellite, space vehicle of navigation (G)
NAVSTAR (NAVigation System using Time And Ranging) (GNSS)
near-infrared band (F)
near-infrared radiation (F)
neat line (K)
negative mask (K)
negative print (K)
negative reproduction process (K)
negative scribing (K)
neighbouring photo strip distance, neighboring photo strip distance (US) (F)
net densification point (G)
net of aligning bases (M)
neutral wedge (K)
new cadastral survey (according to Law No. 177/1927) (KN)
new edition (K)
new exchange format of the ISKN data (KN)
new printing (K)
NMEA (National Marine Electronic Association) (GNSS)
NMEA Standard (G)
nodal line, line of nodes (G)
nodal point (G)
node (GI)
Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS) (O)
Nomenclature of Units for Territorial Statistics (NUTS) (O)
nominal range (P)
nominal value (MET)
non defined projection (K)
non standard geographic(al) name (K)
non transparent original (K)
non unified cadastral documentation (KN)
non-linear scale (MET)
non-metric camera (P)
non-metric camera (F)
non-periodical publication (K)
non-residential premise (KN)
non-sensitized film (K)
nonconformity (TCH)
normal angle camera (P)
normal angle lens (F)
normal aspect (normal case) of a map projection (K)
normal case of stereophotogrammetry (F)
normal distribution, Laplace - Gauss distribution (TCH)
normal equation (TCH)
normal gravity (G)
normal gravity field (G)
normal height (G)
normal orthometric height (G)
normal section line (G)
normative choice of map elements (K)
normative document (GI)
north point (G)
north pole (K)
North-West lighting (K)
northern geographical latitude (K)
northing (N) (G)
not connected traverse (M)
not oriented traverse (M)
notation of legal relations to real estates (KN)
note about further proceedings of cadastre of real estates (KN)
note about further proceedings of real estate registry (KN)
note about juridical relations to real estates; recording of legal relations to real estates; recording the rights to the real estates in the cadastre of real estates (KN)
note about the sort of a lot (KN)
note about unpermitted using of lots (KN)
note of disputable boundary (KN)
note of rights to real estates (KN)
notebook computer, laptop, laptop computer, portable computer (P)
notes in land registry book (KN)
notice advisory for NAVSTAR users (GNSS)
null method of measurement (MET)
number of the building (KN)
number of the building (KN)
number of the control sheet of real estate registry (KN)
number of the unit (flat or non-residential premises) (KN)
numbering of plots, land parcel numbering, numbering of lots (KN)
numerical attribute (K)
numerical calculation of areas (KN)
numerical calculation of parcel area (KN)
numerical code of an estimated pedologic-ecological unit (KN)
numerical data of survey control point (M)
numerical map (M)
numerical method (M)
numerical scale (M)
numerical tacheometry (M)
numerical value of a quantity (MET)
numerically determined point (G)
O - T map, ancient map in circle form (K)
object (GI)
object number (IG)
object positioning (M)
object-oriented data base (GI)
object-oriented programming (GI)
object-oriented system (GI)
objective, object-lens (P)
obligatory data of cadastre of real estates (KN)
oblique aspect (oblique case) of a map projection (K)
oblique hill shading (K)
oblique photo(graph) (F)
observation (M)
observation pillar (G)
observation plane (M)
observed set, observed series (M)
observed altimetric value (M)
observed direction (M)
observed point, measuring point (G)
observer (G)
obsolete edition (K)
oceanograhy (K)
oceanographic atlas (K)
oceanographic chart, oceanographic map (K)
ocular (P)
off-cut (K)
off-system unit (MET)
official license (O)
official map (K)
official map agency (K)
official name (K)
offset (transfer) cylinder (P)
offset axis (IG)
offset machine (P)
offset of circular arc (IG)
offset paper (K)
offset plate (P)
offset point (G)
offset printing plate (P)
offset printing, offset (K)
old map, archaic map (K)
oldest map relicts (K)
ondulation of paper, corrugation of paper (K)
one-hundred-meter grid (M)
one-kilometer map grid (K)
one-minute theodolite (P)
one-second theodolite (P)
onomastics (K)
opacity (K)
opaque paint, opaque colour, opaque color (US) (K)
open access service (GNSS)
open data (GI)
open data (O)
open GIS (GI)
open service (GNSS)
open services on spatial data (GI)
open terrain (M)
open traverse, free traverse, traverse without link (M)
open-source (software) (GI)
optical axis of the telescope (P)
optical centring device, optical centering device (US), optical plumb, optical plummet, vertical collimator (P)
optical density (K)
optical distance measurement (M)
optical distance meter (P)
optical enlargement (K)
optical pantograph (P)
optical radiation (F)
optical reduction (K)
optically effective atmosphere (G)
orbit (G)
orbital elements, Keplerian orbital elements (G)
orbital height, orbital altitude (F)
orbital path (F)
orchard (KN)
ordinary distorstion rays (K)
organizational affiliation to branch of a legal person (KN)
orientation angle (M)
orientation direction (M)
orientation grid (K)
orientation measurement (IG)
orientation number (KN)
orientation of a map to the north (K)
orientation of a map to the south (K)
orientation of plane table (M)
orientation of set of directions, orientation of round of directions (G)
orientation parcel map (KN)
orientation point (M)
orientation using a map (K)
oriented aligning base (M)
oriented bearing (M)
oriented distance (M)
oriented map (K)
oriented traverse (M)
orienteering compass, compass (P)
original (K)
original image (K)
original lot (KN)
original map (M)
original survey (M)
orography (K)
oronym (K)
ortho-image (GI)
orthochromatic coating (K)
orthochromatic film (K)
orthodrome, great circle (K)
orthogonal method (M)
orthogonal method (G)
orthogonal setting-out network, site grid (IG)
orthogonal survey (M)
orthographic projection (K)
orthometric height (G)
orthophoto (F)
Orthophoto of the Czech Republic (F)
orthophotograph, orthorectified image (F)
orthophotomap (F)
orthorectification, differential rectification (F)
ortogonalization, orthorectification (F)
oscilation of the plumb line (G)
osculating elements (G)
out-of-date map (K)
outer map frame (M)
outline (K)
outline letter (type design) (K)
outline map (K)
outline, contour (GI)
output (data) (GI)
overhang (of gutter), roof overlapping (M)
overhead construction (KN)
overhead real estate (KN)
overlap, end lap, endlap, forward lap (F)
overlay inspectional (K)
overprint (K)
oversheets, overplus (K)
owner's folio number (KN)
P-code (GNSS)
page (K)
page proof (K)
pagination (K)
paging (K)
pair of compasses, compass (P)
paleocartography (K)
paleogeographic map (K)
pallet (P)
panchromatic coating (K)
panchromatic film (F)
panorama (K)
panoramic map (K)
pansharpening (F)
pantograph (P)
paper (K)
paper characteristics (K)
paper colour, paper color (US) (K)
paper cutting machine (P)
paper distortion (K)
paper grain direction (K)
paper sheet (K)
paper size (K)
paper stoff (K)
paper store (K)
paper thickness (K)
paper translucency (K)
paper underside, wireside (K)
paper upperside, feltside, top side (K)
paperback (K)
parallactic angle (M)
parallactic differential aberration (G)
parallactic distance measurement (G)
parallactic figure with an auxiliary base (G)
parallactic figure with horizontal stadia rod (G)
parallactic staff, subtense bar (P)
parallel (of latitude) (K)
parallel fold (K)
parallel line arc (K)
parcel area, area of a lot (KN)
parcel of land divided into two equal ideal parts that belong to two different cadastral territories (KN)
parcel of land, plot (US), land parcel (KN)
parcel of very narrow and elongated piece of land (KN)
parcel record (KN)
part of a lot, part of a parcel, part of a plot (KN)
part of municipality (KN)
part sheet (M)
partial deformation (IG)
partial displacement, partial shift (IG)
partial map sheet (M)
partial revision (K)
partition of parcel, plot partition (KN)
pass (M)
passive remote sensing (F)
passive satellite (G)
passive sensor (F)
pasteboard, millboard (K)
pattern (K)
pattern recognition (GI)
pattern screen (K)
peak elevation, summit height (M)
peasant's private plot (in former socialist countries) (KN)
peatbog (M)
pebbling (K)
pecked line (K)
pedestal of a map symbol (M)
peep-sight alidade (P)
pen and ink drawing (K)
pendulum measurement station (G)
pentagonal double prism (P)
pentagonal prism (P)
percentage dot map (K)
periodical measurement of displacement and deformation, measurement in epochs (IG)
peripheral (map) sheet (M)
permanent beaconing (M)
permanent deep marking of control stations (M)
permanent parcel number (KN)
permanent stations for precise positioning (GNSS)
permanently monumented point (G)
permanently targeted point (G)
permeability zone (F)
permitted deviation (TCH)
permitted setting-out deviation (IG)
perpendicular (M)
persistent use of real estate (KN)
personal equation (TCH)
personal error (TCH)
personal identity number (KN)
personal property, personal ownership (KN)
personal use of plot, personal use of lot (KN)
perspective centre (F)
perspective projection (K)
perspective view (K)
perspective volume symbol (K)
phase (F)
phase centre (GNSS)
phase measurement (GNSS)
phenomenon, phenomena (pl.) (GI)
photo frame data (F)
photo picture (K)
photo rectifying, photo rectification (F)
photo-lithography (K)
photo-theodolite (P)
photochemistry (K)
photogrammetric mapping (F)
photogrammetric scanner (P)
photogrammetric targeting (F)
photogrammetrist, photogrammetric surveyor (US) (O)
photogrammetry (F)
photographer (K)
photographic coating, photographic emulsion (K)
photographic enlargement (K)
photographic film (K)
photographic hill shading (K)
photographic masking (K)
photographic material, photomaterial (K)
photographic paper (K)
photographic print (K)
photographic reduction (K)
photographic vignetting (K)
photography (K)
photogravure, intaglio printing (K)
photointerpretation (F)
photomachanical proof (of the map) (K)
photomap (F)
photomechanical colour separation, photomechanical color separation (US) (K)
photomechanical combination (K)
photomechanical copy, photochemical copy (K)
photomechanical copying (K)
photomechanical printing, photochemical printing (K)
photomosaic (F)
photoplan (F)
photopolymer (K)
photoreproduction (K)
photosetter (P)
phototype setting device (P)
physical boundary (KN)
physical correction of distance (G)
physical geodesy (G)
physical geography (K)
physical method of measurement (G)
physical school map (K)
physico-geographical map (K)
physiographic map (K)
picker (P)
pictogram (K)
pictorial atlas (K)
pictorial map (K)
pictorial relief map (K)
pictorial symbol (K)
pixel, picture element (GI)
plan (K)
plan of mine, plan of mine workings (IG)
plan of underground tunnel, plan of subway tunnel (IG)
plan symbol (K)
plane of light (IG)
plane of projection (K)
plane table (P)
plane table adjustment (M)
plane table tacheometry (M)
plane terrain (M)
plane, plateau (M)
plane-table survey (M)
plane-table tacheometer (P)
planetary aberration (G)
planimeter (P)
planimetric component of a map, planimetry (M)
planimetric determination of area (KN)
planimetric map (M)
planimetric net of orthogonal coordinates (M)
planimetric plate (K)
planimetric sketch (M)
planimetric survey (M)
planimetric survey point (G)
planimetry, plane geometry (KN)
planisphere (K)
planning map (K)
planographic printing (K)
plant basic map (IG)
plastic foil (K)
plastic foil print (K)
plastic relief map (K)
plasticity of map (M)
plate cylinder (P)
plate of tripod (P)
platform coordinate reference system (F)
plot (of land), parcel (of land), plat (US) (KN)
plot, lot, land (KN)
plotter (P)
plumb blob (P)
plumb line (G)
plummet segment (IG)
pocket atlas (K)
point (GI)
point cloud (M)
point digitization of objects (GI)
point monumentation (M)
point of detailed hypsometric survey (M)
point of detailed planimetric survey (M)
point of fundamental geodetic control (G)
point of fundamental gravity (geodetic) control (G)
point of fundamental horizontal geodetic control (M)
point of fundamental vertical geodetic control (M)
point of graphical triangulation (G)
point of hypsography, point of altimetry (M)
point of inflection (G)
point of lock, mark, witness point (G)
point of meridian arc (G)
point of minor horizontal geodetic control (M)
point of minor vertical geodetic control (M)
point of orientation (G)
point of planimetry (M)
point of satellite triangulation, satellite tracking station (G)
point of terrain skeleton (M)
point of zero distorsion (K)
point symbol (K)
point symbol representing settlement (K)
point with given elevation (K)
points of the Basic Geodynamic Network of the CR (G)
polar circle (K)
polar components (M)
polar coordinates (M)
polar diagram, polar co-ordinate chart (K)
polar method, polar survey (M)
polar planimeter (P)
polar satellite (G)
polarisation resolution, polarization (US) (F)
polarized glasses (F)
pole (K)
political atlas (K)
political map (M)
polyconic projection (K)
polyedric projection (K)
polyester (K)
polyester film (K)
polygon (GI)
polygonisation (G)
polygonometry, traversing (G)
polygrapher (K)
polyvinyl chloride (K)
polyvinyl chloride film (K)
polyvinylic alcohol, polyvinyl alcohol (K)
portal, cyberstation (GI)
portrayal (GI)
portrayal (GI)
position deviation of a line (TCH)
position deviation of a point (TCH)
position vector, location vector, radius vector (G)
positional accuracy (TCH)
positional astronomy (G)
positional connection (M)
positional dilution of precision (GNSS)
positioning (GI)
positioning of the lettering (K)
positive copy (K)
positive map copy (K)
positive mask (K)
positive reproduction process (K)
positive scribing (K)
post code (GB), ZIP code (US) (O)
Posteľ s azimuthal projection (K)
poster map (K)
postprocessing (GNSS)
postprocessing (O)
power station (M)
pragmatism of map symbol system (K)
Prague district (O)
pre-emption, pre-emption right (KN)
precise levelling, precise leveling (US) (G)
precise photogrammetric scanner (P)
precise positioning service (GNSS)
precision (TCH)
precision of measurement (TCH)
prehistorical map (K)
preliminary (map) layout (K)
preliminary layout of the cartographic work (K)
preliminary map layout (K)
preliminary sheet (K)
preparation of a map (K)
presensitized (printing) plate (P)
preserved map (K)
press proof (K)
pressure-free printing (K)
prestretching (K)
primary colours, primary colors (US) (K)
primary document (KN)
primary document of real estate registry (KN)
primary laboratory (MET)
primary method (MET)
primary plates (K)
primary standard (MET)
primary system (IG)
prime meridian (K)
prime meridian in meridial zone (K)
principal (image) point (F)
principal contour, index contour (M)
principal gravimetric base (G)
principal point of autocollimation (F)
principal scale (M)
principal scale (K)
principal track point, principal route point (IG)
principal traverse (M)
principle of measurement (MET)
principles of territorial development (IG)
print (K)
print base, printing master (K)
print matrix (K)
print order of a map (K)
print polishing (K)
print, press (K)
printed area (of a paper sheet) (K)
printed medium (K)
printing area (of a paper sheet) (K)
printing authorization (of the map) (K)
printing block (K)
printing colour, printing ink, printing color (US) (K)
printing date note (K)
printing form (K)
printing format (K)
printing industry (K)
printing mask, copying mask (K)
printing of a map using four colours print, printing of a map using four-colors (US) (K)
printing office, printing works (K)
printing paper (K)
printing plate (P)
printing plate (K)
printing plate se (K)
printing plate store (K)
printing sheet (K)
printing surface (K)
printing technique (K)
printing types (K)
prism (P)
prismatic astrolabe (P)
private cartography (K)
private property of corporation (KN)
private property of juridical persons (KN)
private property of natural person (KN)
private property, private ownership (KN)
proceeding in the cadastre of real estates (KN)
process (MET)
process camera (P)
process engraving (K)
process of reproduction (K)
producer of globes (K)
product (O)
production control schedule (K)
production of a derived map, derived map production (M)
profile (GI)
profile deviation of a line (TCH)
profile symbol (K)
programming language (GI)
prohibition of encumbrance or alienation (KN)
project (O)
projected coordinate reference system (K)
projection centre (F)
projection correction (M)
projection of building's perimeter to the ground (KN)
projection surface (K)
projection surface axis (K)
projective transformation (TCH)
projectual maps (K)
promotional map (K)
proof of authentification of survey sketch (KN)
proof press, proving press (P)
proof printing plate (P)
proof printing plate (K)
proof; correction (K)
propagation of errors, propagation of uncertainty (TCH)
propagation time of time signal (G)
property of dwelling (KN)
property right to real estate (KN)
property right, ownership right (KN)
property rights to real estate (KN)
property, ownership, possesion (KN)
proportional dividers (P)
proportional point symbol (K)
proportional symbol, graduated symbol (K)
proprietary relation (KN)
proprietor of a real estate, owner of a real estate (KN)
protected zone of geodetic point (G)
protecting bar (M)
protecting mark (M)
protection of survey stations (G)
protective coating (K)
protractor (P)
provisional edition, advanced issui (K)
provisional vector cadastral map (KN)
pseudo-random code, pseudo-random noise, pseudo-random noise code (GNSS)
pseudo-static surveying (GNSS)
pseudoisoline (K)
pseudolite (GNSS)
pseudorange (GNSS)
pseudorange (GNSS)
public accessories (IG)
public administration body (O)
public administration portal (O)
public administration support information system (O)
public document (KN)
public infrastructure (IG)
public law (O)
public list (KN)
public notice on bankruptcy of a real estate proprietor (KN)
public place (KN)
public registers (KN)
public regulated service (GNSS)
public regulated service (GNSS)
public remote access (O)
public remote access to RÚIAN data (VDP) (KN)
publicity of cadastre documentation (KN)
publisher´s contract (K)
publishing house (K)
publishing sheet (K)
pull-out map (K)
pull; proof (K)
pushbroom sensor (F)
puzzling map, incomprehensible map (K)
quadtree (GI)
qualitative generalization (K)
qualitative representation (of features or phenomena) (K)
quality (GI)
quality control (MET)
quality management (O)
quality management system (O)
quality objective (MET)
quality of area determination (KN)
quality of cartographic work (K)
quality policy (O)
quantitative generalization (K)
quantitative representation (K)
quantitative symbols (K)
quantity (MET)
quarter cloth binding (K)
quarter sheet (K)
quasi-azimuthal projection (K)
quasigeoid (G)
quasigeoidal height (G)
radar image (F)
radar map (K)
radar remote sensing (F)
radar shadow (F)
radial displacement (F)
radial distance (F)
radial lens distortion (F)
radiance (F)
radiation intensity (F)
radiation of the Earth (F)
radio distance measurement (M)
radio distance meter (P)
radiometric correction (F)
radiometric resolution (F)
rail axis (IG)
rail mark (IG)
railway curves (K)
railway geodesy (IG)
railway lines map, railroad lines map (K)
railway map, railroad map (IG)
railway real estate registry (KN)
railway register (KN)
railway siding map (IG)
railway track (M)
railway track, track, line (IG)
railway traverse (IG)
railway traverse point (IG)
random error, accidental error (TCH)
range (of variation) (TCH)
raster (GI)
raster data, gridded data (GI)
raster image processor (RIP) (GI)
raster map (GI)
rasterization (GI)
rated operating conditions (MET)
ravine, gully (M)
raw data (GI)
re-adjustment (P)
read-right image, right reading image (K)
read-wrong image, wrong reading image (K)
reader (K)
real estate cadastre of the Czech Republic, cadastre of real estate of the Czech Republic (KN)
real estate cadastre, cadastre of real estate (KN)
real estate registry of a company, real estate registry realized by a juridical person to be used internally (KN)
real estate registry, land registry (KN)
real estate remark (KN)
real estate specification (KN)
real horizon, true horizon (G)
real map dimension, real map size (M)
real property boundary (KN)
real scale (M)
real value of a quantity (IG)
real value of geometric parameter (IG)
real-time kinematic surveying, continuous kinematic surveying (GNSS)
real-time photogrammetry (F)
receiver clock bias (GNSS)
Receiver Independent Exchange format (RINEX) (GNSS)
recent crustal movements (G)
reconstructed raster of a map sheet (KN)
record copy (K)
record of changes in the cadastre of real estates (KN)
record of setting-out the lot boundary (KN)
recorder (G)
recording device (P)
recording measuring instrument (P)
recording medium (MET)
records in land registry book (KN)
rectangular plane grid, grid (K)
rectification displacement (IG)
rectification value (IG)
rectification value in machine industry (IG)
rectifier (P)
reduced distance (G)
reduced distance of geodesic line, reduced length of geodesic line (G)
reducing lens with grid for viewing drawings at smaller scales (P)
reduction factor (K)
reduction of map elements (K)
reduction proportion, reduction ratio (K)
reduction scale, reduction ruler (P)
redundant observation (TCH)
reference (map) scale (M)
reference conditions (MET)
reference data (GI)
reference ellipsoid (G)
reference interface of Public Administration Information Systems (GI)
reference line (IG)
reference point, reference station, fixed point (G)
reference sphere (K)
reference standard (MET)
reference surface (K)
reference system (IG)
reference-value scale of a quantity of property (MET)
reflected radiation (F)
reflection (F)
reflector (F)
reflectorless distance meter, reflectorless range-finder (P)
reflex paper (K)
reflex printing (K)
refraction (G)
region, county (US), country (GB) (O)
regional atlas (K)
regional map (K)
regional standard (GI)
register differences pl (K)
register holes (K)
register mark (K)
register mark; feeding mark (K)
register of evidence of real estates (KN)
register of proprietors of a real estate and other entitled persons (KN)
Register of territorial identification addresses and real-estates (KN)
register of users and proprietors of real estate (KN)
register pin (K)
register rule (P)
registering (K)
registering tacheometer (P)
registering theodolite, registration theodolite (P)
registration number (KN)
registration number (of country cottage) (KN)
regression analysis (TCH)
regular deformation of base (K)
regulation scheme (IG)
reiteration theodolite, theodolite without setting drive (P)
relational database (GI)
relative depth (M)
relative dilution of precision (GNSS)
relative error (TCH)
relative flight height, relative flying hight (F)
relative gravimeter (G)
relative gravity point (G)
relative height (M)
relative orientation (F)
relative shift, relative displacement (IG)
relative spot height (M)
relative spot height (M)
relief globe (K)
relief model (K)
relief plate (K)
relief printing (K)
remark (KN)
remark to а party (KN)
remote access (O)
remote access to the ISKN (KN)
remote pilot (F)
remote pilot station (F)
remote piloted aircraft (RPA) (F)
remote sensing (F)
remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS) (F)
rendering (GI)
renewal of cadastral documentation by new mapping (KN)
renewal of cadastre documentation by revision (KN)
renewal of descriptive documents of real estate registry (KN)
renewal of survey documents of real estate registry (KN)
renewal of the land cadastre, updating of the cadastre of lands (KN)
repaired edition (K)
repeatability error of a measuring instrument (MET)
repeatability of a measuring instrument, fidelity of a measuring instrument (MET)
repeatability of measurement (MET)
repeated levelling, repeated leveling (US) (G)
repetition theodolite (P)
report on areas (KN)
report on changes (KN)
report on total values of land use types (KN)
representation in exagerrated scale; drawing in exagerrated scale (K)
representation, portrayal (M)
representational symbol (K)
reprint (K)
reproducibility (TCH)
reproducibility of measurement (MET)
reproduction (K)
reproduction film (K)
reproduction photography (K)
reproduction scale (K)
reprography (K)
requirement (MET)
resampling (GI)
Research Institute of Geodesy, Topography and Cartography (VÚGTK) (O)
reseau camera (P)
resection (G)
reservation of a better buyer (KN)
reservation of repurchase (KN)
reservation of resаlе (KN)
reservation of the right of ownership (KN)
residual length (M)
residual, repair (TCH)
resolution (GI)
resolution of an indicating device (P)
resolution of photographic material (F)
resolving power (F)
response characteristic (MET)
response time (MET)
responsible (map, atlas) editor (K)
restitution (KN)
restriction of transfer of a real estates (KN)
result of a measurement (MET)
result of land consolidation (KN)
retouching (K)
retouching medium (K)
retrieval (GI)
reversal film, autopositive film (K)
reversal point (G)
reverse azimuth (G)
review (MET)
review of real estate registration sheets (KN)
review of records on detailed survey of changes (KN)
revised cadastre (KN)
revised edition (K)
revised map edition (K)
revision manuscript of map (K)
revision of cadastre (cadastral) data (KN)
revision of original map (M)
revision survey (M)
revolving planisphere (K)
rhumb line, loxodrome (K)
ridge (M)
ridge line (M)
right of exploitation as an easement (KN)
right of property management (KN)
right of way (KN)
right to manage state property (KN)
right-angle fold (K)
right-angle prism, double-square prism (P)
right-reading copy (K)
river navigation map (K)
river traverse (M)
road atlas (K)
road map (K)
road map (K)
road register (KN)
rock (geodetic) monumentation (M)
rock contour (K)
rock drawing (K)
rock hachures (K)
rod beacon (P)
roentgen photogrammetry (F)
rolling shutter, focal plane shutter, curtain blades shutter (F)
Roman script, Roman type face (K)
root mean square (RMS); quadratic mean (TCH)
rotation matrix (TCH)
rotation time (G)
roughness of terrain (M)
round scale (K)
route chart (K)
route map (K)
Rover/Roving Receiver (GNSS)
RPA observer (F)
RTCM - Radio Technical Commission for Marine Services (GNSS)
RÚIAN exchange format (KN)
ruler, scale rule, plotting scale (P)
ruling (K)
ruling pen (P)
running (K)
runway (M)
rural area (KN)
saddle (M)
saddle point (M)
saddle stitching (K)
safety of life (GNSS)
safety of life service (GNSS)
safety sing of a trackage (IG)
sag of the tape (G)
sag, deflection (IG)
sample map sheet (M)
satellite (G)
satellite altimetry (G)
satellite geodesy (G)
satellite image (F)
satellite laser radar (P)
satellite orbit (G)
satellite orbit dynamics (G)
satellite photogrammetry (F)
scalability (GI)
scale (MET)
scale along central parallel (K)
scale at map mid-point (K)
scale classification (K)
scale comparability (K)
scale conversion (K)
scale data (K)
scale determination (K)
scale division (MET)
scale error (K)
scale factor (TCH)
scale interval (MET)
scale length (MET)
scale mark (MET)
scale number (K)
scale numbering (P)
scale of cartographic symbol dimension (K)
scale preservation (K)
scale range (MET)
scale recalculation (K)
scale series, succession of scale (M)
scale spacing (MET)
scale-determined generalization (K)
scan (F)
scanned image (F)
scanner (P)
scanning (GI)
scanning frequency (F)
scattering (F)
scene (F)
scheduled value of staked quantity (IG)
schematic map (K)
school atlas (K)
school atlas representing home region (K)
school cartography (K)
school geographical atlas, school geographic atlas (US) (K)
school map (K)
school map representing home region (K)
school wall map (K)
school wall map (K)
scientific metrology, fundamental metrology (MET)
scraper (K)
screen (K)
screen density (K)
screen pattern sample sheet (K)
screen-process ink (K)
screened area (K)
screened negative (K)
screened positive (K)
screw connection (K)
screw micrometer (P)
scribing (K)
scribing coating, scribe coating (K)
scribing cutter (P)
scribing instrument for stippling (P)
scribing instruments, scribers (US) (P)
scribing key, scribe key (K)
scribing ring (P)
scribing tripod (P)
sealing (KN)
seamless database (GI)
search and rescue (GNSS)
search and rescue service (GNSS)
search query (GI)
search(ing) for underground utilities, search(ing) for underground mains (el.), search(ing) for underground line (IG)
searching measure (G)
secant parallel (K)
secondary standard (MET)
secondary system (IG)
secondary traverse (M)
secular aberration (G)
secure electronic signature (KN)
segment of a globe (K)
segment of a globe, globe segment (K)
selective availability (GNSS)
selenography (K)
self-reducing tacheometer (P)
semantic accuracy (GI)
semantic consistency (GI)
semantic interoperability (GI)
semianalytical aerial triangulation (F)
semitone colour model, semitone color model (US) (K)
semitone image (K)
semitone model (K)
semitone original (K)
sensitive personal data (EU) (O)
sensitivity (MET)
sensitometric specification (K)
sensor (MET)
sensor (F)
sensor (F)
separation colour filter (K)
serial aerial survey camera (F)
serif (K)
server (P)
service (GI)
service provider (GI)
set for the three-tripod system (P)
set of directions (G)
set of observation, measuring of angles in rounds (UK), measuring angles in sets (US) (G)
set of progressive proofs (K)
set standard (O)
setting-out baseline (IG)
setting-out data (IG)
setting-out deviation (IG)
setting-out mark, bench mark (IG)
setting-out network, control network (IG)
setting-out of a contour (line) (IG)
setting-out of boundary of a lot, demarcation (KN)
setting-out of space position (IG)
setting-out plan of location (IG)
setting-out plan, setting-out drawing (IG)
setting-out quantity (IG)
setting-out sketch, staking-out sketch (KN)
setting-out survey record, record of setting out survey (IG)
setting-out tolerance (IG)
settled building land, settled building ground (IG)
settlement name (K)
settlement name, place name (K)
settlement outline (K)
settlement, subsidence (IG)
settling (IG)
setup of levelling (GB) – leveling (US) (G)
sewage plant (M)
sewing (K)
sexagesimal division (G)
shaft mouth, galery mouth (M)
shape deviation (TCH)
sharing (GI)
sharp ridge, edge (M)
shed (M)
sheet (K)
sheet corner (M)
sheet corner values pl (K)
sheet delivery (P)
sheet index (K)
sheet line (K)
sheet line system (K)
sheet lines succession (K)
sheet memoir (K)
sheet numbering system (K)
sheet of registry (KN)
sheet printing (K)
sheet-fed offset printing press (P)
shifted layout of map sheets (M)
shipping-line map (K)
short wave infrared radiation (SWIR) (F)
short-wave irradiation (F)
show through, strike through, colour penetration, color penetration (US) (K)
shrinkage of a film (K)
shrinkage of paper, paper distortion (K)
shrubbery (M)
side drawing (M)
side lay edge (K)
side measure (M)
side measurement (M)
sidelap, side lap, cross overlap (F)
sideral day (G)
sideral time (G)
sidereal year (G)
sideward levelling, sideward leveling (US) (M)
sight, sight line (M)
sign meaning (K)
signal noise (F)
signal/noise ratio (F)
signature (K)
silkscreen printing (K)
similarity transformation (TCH)
simple diagram map (K)
simplification (GI)
simplified land inventory (KN)
simulation (GI)
single chain (G)
single difference (GNSS)
single frequency receiver (GNSS)
single image photogrammetry (F)
single map (K)
single-colour map, monochrome map, single-color map (US) (K)
single-colour printing, single-color printing (US) (K)
six-degree longitude zone (K)
size (TCH)
skeleton line (M)
skeleton of terrain relief (georelief) (M)
sketch completing (M)
sketch of staking-out network (IG)
sketched hachures (K)
skewness (TCH)
slanted map (K)
slew, angular displacement (IG)
sliding calipers (P)
slope (M)
slope diagram (M)
slope distance (G)
slope knoll (M)
slope nomogram (K)
slope ridge (M)
sloping ground (M)
small building not registered in cadastre, small building or construction (KN)
small circle (K)
small offset machine (P)
small scale (K)
small scale map (M)
small scale topographic map, general map, general chart (K)
smoothing (GI)
snapping (GI)
socialist cooperative property (KN)
socio-geographical map (K)
socioeconomic map (K)
software (GI)
soil emissivity (F)
soil map (K)
soil sort, soil texture (KN)
soil type (KN)
soil value (KN)
solid (K)
sounding (K)
source map (K)
source material preparation (K)
source raster of map base (KN)
South Pole (K)
southern geographical latitude, southern geographic latitude (US) (K)
space (K)
space cartography (K)
space diagram (K)
space gap (K)
space geodesy (G)
space remote sensing (F)
space segment (GNSS)
spaghetti (GI)
span (MET)
spatial analysis (GI)
spatial building structure (IG)
spatial coordinate network, 3D network (G)
spatial data (GI)
spatial data harmonization (GI)
spatial data infrastructure (GI)
spatial data infrastructure (SDI) (GI)
spatial information (GI)
spatial information infrastructure (GI)
spatial object; geospatial object (GI)
spatial planning (O)
spatial planning documentation (O)
spatial reference (GI)
spatial reference system (GI)
spatial resolution (GI)
spatial schema (GI)
spatio-temporal domain (GI)
special issue (K)
special-precision levelling, high precise levelling (G)
specification of the land use nature (KN)
specified measuring range, specified working range (MET)
speciments of (map) symbols (K)
spectral band (F)
spectral characteristics (F)
spectral reflectance (F)
spectral reflection (F)
spectral resolution (F)
spectral sensitivity (F)
spectral signature (F)
spectrozonal image (F)
sphere symbol (K)
spheric(al) latetude (K)
spheric(al) longitude (K)
spherical astronomy (G)
spherical coordinate system (G)
spherical equator (K)
Spherical Error Probable (GNSS)
spherical geographic coordinates (K)
spherical geographic latitude (K)
spherical geographic longitude (K)
spherical meridian (K)
spherical projection (K)
spheroid (G)
spirit level (P)
spirit level vial (P)
spoil (K)
spoofing (GNSS)
spot height, spot elevation (M)
spring bow dividers (P)
square (P)
square fathom (KN)
St. Stephen datum of cadastre coordinates, St. Stephen datum (G)
stability (MET)
stable cadastre (KN)
stadia (P)
stadia wedge (P)
staff change point (G)
stake, pole, rod (P)
staking-out mirror (P)
stamping (K)
standard (GI)
standard (O)
standard colour, standard color (US) (K)
standard deviation (TCH)
standard error of position (TCH)
standard line (K)
standard map sheet (M)
standard measurement uncertainty (MET)
standard name (M)
standard positioning service (GNSS)
Standard Precision Navigation Signal (GNSS)
standard time, legal time, zone time (G)
standardization (GI)
standardization (O)
standardization base (IG)
standardization of geographical names, standardization of toponyms (K)
standardized allonym (K)
standardized endonym (K)
standardized geographical names, standardized geographic names (US) (K)
standardized name, standardized toponyme (M)
standardized size (of paper) (K)
star atlas (K)
star chart (K)
star numbers (G)
star transit time (G)
state (O)
state border (K)
state border map (M)
state border monument (M)
state border traverse (M)
state boundary survey (G)
State map 1:5000 - derived (K)
State map 1:5000 - economical (K)
static laser scanner (P)
static surveying, static positioning, static measurement (GNSS)
station adjustment (G)
station of polar survey (M)
stationing (M)
statistical map (K)
steep hill (M)
stepped relief model (K)
stereo map (K)
stereo pair (F)
stereo pair (F)
stereo photogrammetry (F)
stereocomparator (P)
stereographic projection (K)
stereometric camera (P)
stereophotogrammetric compilation (F)
stereoscope (P)
stereoscopic coverage (F)
stereoscopic overlap (F)
stereotype processing (K)
sticking (K)
stock of maps (K)
Stop and Go survey (GNSS)
straight edge (P)
straight matter (K)
straightedge (P)
straightness deviation of a line (TCH)
streamline (M)
street boundary line (K)
street definition line (KN)
street, public space, public area, communal space (O)
strike, measure of area (equal to 2877.32 m²) (KN)
strip coat, peel off coat (K)
strip map (K)
strip masking (K)
stripping film, strip film (K)
stripping-in lettering (K)
stripping-in the text (K)
structural cartodiagram (K)
structural diagrammatic map (K)
structure (O)
structured query language (SQL) (GI)
stud register device, register puncher, USA: pre-punch register device (P)
stud register system, USA: pre-punch register system (K)
stumping, shading off (K)
stylized symbol (K)
sub-multiple of a unit (MET)
sub-pledge (KN)
sub-title, crossheading, subheading (K)
subject of adjudication (M)
subject of altimetric survey (M)
subject of cartography (K)
subject of planimetric survey (M)
subject of survey (M)
subregisters of real estate registry (KN)
subsatellite point (G)
substance (basic weight of paper) (K)
substitute map (M)
substitution method of measurement (MET)
subtense-bar traverse (M)
subtractive color mixture (K)
sum of parcels in a given municipality minus those parcels which are held by users which live in another municipality (KN)
sum of parcels in a given municipality plus those parcels placed in other municipality that are held by users living in that municipality (KN)
summarisation reports, summarization repotrs (US) (KN)
summarisation territorial unit, summarization territorial unit (US) (KN)
summarizing diagram map (K)
summation compass (P)
super-wide-angle camera (P)
superposition, superimposition (GI)
supplementary mapping (M)
supplementary measurement (M)
supplementary plate (K)
supplemented edition (K)
supplier (MET)
suppressed-zero scale (MET)
surface (GI)
surface normal (G)
surface survey mark (M)
surrounding area map (K)
survey beacon (M)
survey camera, metric camera (P)
survey campaign (G)
survey control point (G)
survey crew, survey team, survey party (G)
survey documentation (KN)
survey documentation of land cadastre (KN)
survey documentation of the real estate registry (KN)
survey flight (F)
survey flight navigation (F)
survey flight planning (F)
survey for purposes of building documentation (IG)
survey line tied on both sides (M)
survey mark (M)
survey micronetwork, geodetic network control (IG)
survey net (M)
survey original of a map (M)
survey point (G)
survey sketch (KN)
survey staff (P)
survey station (M)
survey tape, measuring tape (P)
survey to building documentation, dimension control (IG)
survey tower (G)
survey with three-tripod equipment (G)
surveying prism (P)
surveyor (M)
surveyor compass (P)
surveyor, land surveyor (O)
suspended pantograph (P)
swamp, marshland (M)
swing angle, yaw (US) (F)
symbol associated with the feature (K)
symbol of a unit (of measurement) (MET)
symbolic colour association, symbolic color association (US) (K)
symbolization (K)
synoptic map, weather chart, weather map (K)
syntactic interoperability (GI)
synthetic map (K)
synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) (F)
synthetical paper (K)
system (O)
System 1942, Pulkovo System 1942 of Survey Co-ordinates (S-42/83) (G)
system of cartographic symbols (K)
system of registration (K)
system of units (MET)
systematic error (TCH)
table of type (K)
tacheometer (P)
tacheometer with electronic distance meter (P)
tacheometric sketch (M)
tacheometric traverse (M)
tacheometry (M)
tactile cartography, tactile mapping (K)
tactile map (K)
tangent meridian (K)
tangent parallel (K)
tangent parallel (K)
tangent point (K)
tape stretcher (P)
tape tenzioner (P)
taping, chaining (in cadastre) (M)
target angle (TCH)
target size (IG)
targeted point (G)
technic-economical map (M)
technic-economical mapping (M)
technical and economic attributes (KN)
technical editing (K)
technical expert (IG)
technical hachures (K)
technical infrastructure (IG)
technical map (M)
technical map editor (K)
technical pipe pen, lettering pen (P)
technical report (M)
technical specification (GI)
technical standardization information (O)
technical unit of territory (KN)
technological and financial map documentation (K)
technology of globe production (K)
technology of map printing reproduction (K)
technology of map production (K)
technology of plastic relief map production (K)
telescope (P)
temperature correction (G)
temporal accuracy (GI)
temporal coordinate system (GI)
temporal position (G)
temporal reference system (GI)
temporal resolution (GI)
temporal schema (GI)
temporary construction (KN)
temporary monumented point (G)
temporary station, free station (IG)
temporary targeted point (G)
temporary use of real estate (KN)
tenancy (KN)
tenancy, leasehold (KN)
tenant (KN)
tenant (KN)
tenure (KN)
terabyte (GI)
terminal point of geodetic base, base-line terminal station (G)
terminological commission (O)
terrain (M)
terrain edge, terrain break-line (M)
terrain edge; terrain brake line (K)
terrain gradient, slope (M)
terrain line, geomorphologic line (M)
terrain point (M)
terrain profiling (M)
terrain reconnaissance (M)
terrain relief (M)
terrain relief step matrix (K)
terrain representation in Swiss style (K)
terrain roughness (M)
terrain shape (M)
terrain step (M)
terrestrial laser-scanning (F)
terrestrial metric camera (F)
terrestrial photogrammetry (F)
terrestrial photograph (F)
territorial administrative boundary (KN)
territorial administrative unit (KN)
territorial development plan (GI)
territorial identification (KN)
territorial inventory unit (KN)
territorial system of ecological stability (O)
territorial unit (KN)
territory (KN)
tessellation (GI)
test (TCH)
text copy (K)
text figure (K)
text part of an atlas (K)
texture (GI)
thematic atlas (K)
thematic cartography (K)
thematic map (M)
thematic map content (K)
thematic mapping (M)
thematic mine plan (IG)
thematic overlay (K)
thematic spatial data (GI)
thematic state map series (M)
thematical large scale map (M)
thematical map editor (K)
theodolite (P)
theodolite with a fixed circle, simple theodolite (P)
theodolite with automatic vertical index compensation (P)
theodolite with microscope reading (P)
theoretical cartography (K)
theory of cartography (K)
theory of errors (TCH)
thermal camera (F)
thermal imagery (K)
thermal radiation (F)
thermal-infrared band (F)
thermoforming, plastic moulding (K)
thermographic image (F)
thermosensitive paper (K)
thesaurus (GI)
thick client (GI)
thickened contour (M)
thin client (GI)
thre-line camera (F)
thread planimeter, wire planimeter (P)
three-axial ellipsoid (K)
three-colour printing, three-color printing (US) (K)
three-degree longitude zone (K)
three-dimensional diagram (K)
three-dimensional map (K)
three-dimensional pantograph (P)
three-dimensional positioning (G)
three-knife trimmer (P)
tidal force (G)
tidal station (G)
tie point (F)
time base method (F)
time coordinate (G)
time dilution of precision (GNSS)
time division multiple access (GNSS)
time of revolution, period of orbit (G)
time of week (GNSS)
time to first fix; acquisition time (GNSS)
tip-in plate (K)
title page of the cartographic publication (K)
tolerance (TCH)
tone; hue (K)
topocentric declination (G)
topographer (O)
topographer, surveyor (M)
topographical base of structure design (IG)
topographical cartography, topographic cartography (US) (K)
topographical data, topographic data (US) (GI)
topographical features and phenomena, topographic features and phenomena (US) (K)
topographical hachures, topographic hachures (US) (M)
topographical map, topographic map (US) (M)
topographical mapping, topographic mapping (US) (M)
topographical masses, topographic masses (US) (G)
topographical names, topographic names (US) (K)
topographical reduction, topographic reduction (US) (G)
topographical revision, topographic revision (US) (M)
topographical surface, topographic surface (US) (M)
topography (M)
topological consistency (GI)
topological primitive (GI)
topological relationship (GI)
topology (GI)
toponomastics (K)
toponym (K)
toponymy (KN)
total accuracy of measurement (TCH)
total deformation, total whole deformation (IG)
total displacement, whole displacement, complete shift (IG)
total measuring error (TCH)
total station (P)
total values of nature of land use (KN)
totalizing measuring instrument (MET)
tourist map (K)
town district (O)
town district of Prague, Prague district (KN)
town map (K)
town mapping (K)
town plan, city map, city plan (K)
town plan; city plan; US: city plan (K)
town-planning documentation (IG)
trace (K)
traceability (MET)
tracing (K)
tracing by a square grid (K)
tracing paper (M)
track (IG)
track axis, rail axis (IG)
track gauge (IG)
tracking error of a measuring instrument (TCH)
tract of land (KN)
traffic map (K)
trail (M)
transboundary name (K)
transcription (K)
transfer paper (K)
transfer printing (K)
transfer standard (MET)
transformation (TCH)
transformation of raster image (F)
transformed value of a measurand (TCH)
transformer substation (M)
transit telescope, transit instrument, meridian circle (P)
transit time of a planet through the perihelion (G)
transliteration (K)
transliteration key (K)
transmission scale (K)
transparency (MET)
transparent original, transparent copy (K)
transparent pattern (K)
transparent sheet (M)
transplacing of signs and lettering (K)
transverse aspect (K)
transverse aspect (tranverse case) of a map projection (K)
travelling standard (MET)
traverse (M)
traverse (M)
traverse misclosure (G)
traverse net (M)
traverse on perimeter (M)
traverse orientation (M)
traverse oriented on both ends (M)
traverse point (G)
traverse point, culmination point (G)
traverse side, traverse leg (M)
traverse without orientation (M)
traversing with a subtense bar (G)
trench (M)
trial purchase (KN)
triangular graph (K)
triangulated irregular network (TIN) (GI)
triangulation (G)
triangulation datum, astronomic station of astronomic-geodetical network (G)
triangulation network (G)
triangulation sheet (G)
triangulation station (G)
triangulator (G)
trichromatic printing (K)
trigonometric levelling, trigonometric leveling (US) (G)
trigonometrical distance measurement, trigonometric distance measurement (US) (M)
trigonometrical station, trigonometric point (US) (G)
trigonometrical subsidiary point, trigonometric subsidiary point (US) (G)
trigonometrically determined elevation (G)
trilateration (G)
trilateration net(work) (G)
trim marks (K)
trimetal(lic) plate (P)
trimetal(lic) plate (K)
trimmed size (K)
trimming mark (K)
triple difference (GNSS)
tripod (P)
trogonometrical measurement of heights, trogonometric measurement of heights (US) (M)
tropic (K)
troposphere (GNSS)
tropospheric delay (GNSS)
tropospheric refraction (GNSS)
true anomaly (G)
true declination (G)
true local time (G)
true north (K)
true North on the map (K)
true orthophoto (F)
true projection (K)
true sidereal time (G)
true solar day (G)
true value (TCH)
true value of quantity (MET)
true value of the setting out quantity (IG)
true vernal equinox (G)
trunk track (IG)
trunnion axis (P)
trust fund (KN)
tubular level (P)
turning of screen angle (K)
two-colour printing, two-color printing (US) (K)
two-dimensional error (TCH)
type (K)
type area (K)
type design, type face design (K)
type designation (M)
type family (K)
type line (K)
type of building (KN)
type of flat or non-residential premises (KN)
type of land parcel numbering (KN)
type of plot, type of land parcel (KN)
type sample book, type specimen book (K)
type size (K)
type weight (K)
types of cartographic projections (K)
typesetting (of lettering) (K)
typographer (K)
typographic system (K)
typographical point (K)
typography (K)
ultraviolet radiation (F)
uncertainty of measurement (TCH)
uncorrected result (TCH)
underground construction (KN)
underground mark (G)
underground point (G)
underground space (IG)
underground survey, underground surveying (IG)
underground surveying (G)
underground yard basic map, subway barn basic map (US) (IG)
undistorted meridian (K)
undistorted parallel (K)
undulating terrain, undulating ground (M)
unglazed paper (K)
unhealthy (GNSS)
unified cadastral documentation (KN)
Unified European Levelling Network (UELN) (G)
uniform land registry (KN)
Uniform railway map, Uniform rail-road map (M)
Union of Towns and Municipalities of the Czech Republic (O)
uniquely defined point (M)
unit (flat or non-residential premises) in the building (KN)
unit (flat or non-residential premises) under construction (KN)
unit (of measurement) (MET)
unit (under the new Czech Civil Code) (KN)
unit of area (KN)
unit of territorial administration (KN)
universal coordinated time (UTC) (G)
universal instrument, alt-azimuth instrument, astronomical theodolite (P)
universal theodolite (P)
universal time (G)
Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) projection (K)
universe of discourse (GI)
unlettered edition (K)
unmanned aircraft (UA) (F)
unmanned aircraft system (UAS) (F)
unofficial name, non standard geographical name, non standard geographic name (US) (M)
unperturbed normal orbit, Keplerian orbit (G)
unrevised map edition, repeated edition (K)
unsized paper (K)
up-to-date map (K)
updated edition (K)
updated edition, new edition (K)
updating of a map (M)
updating of correction map sheet (KN)
updating of descriptive document file of the cadastre of real estates (KN)
updating of land registry map (KN)
updating of real estate registry (KN)
updating of working map (KN)
upgrade (GI)
upheaval (IG)
uplift, upheaval (IG)
upper limit of setting out tolerance (IG)
upper limit of size (TCH)
upper permitted deviation (TCH)
upright typeface, upright lettering (K)
urban and territorial plan (IG)
use case (GI)
use of real estate (KN)
use of the map (K)
user adjustment (MET)
user equipment error (UEE) (GNSS)
user equivalent range error (UERE) (GNSS)
user of a real estate (KN)
user range error (URE) (GNSS)
user segment (GNSS)
utilitity line (IG)
utility administrator (GI)
UTM coordinate system (G)
vacuum forming machine (P)
vacuum frame (P)
vacuum globe moulding, vacuum globe molding (US) (K)
validation (TCH)
validation (GI)
valley (M)
valley line (M)
valuation of land parcels (KN)
value added product (GI)
value class (K)
value of a quantity (MET)
value unit of conventional (map) sign (K)
variable map scale (K)
variance (TCH)
variomat (K)
varnish (K)
vector (GI)
vector data (GI)
vector diagram (K)
vector map (GI)
vectorization (GI)
veduta (K)
vegetation boundary, forest vegetation (M)
vegetation cover (M)
ventilation chart, ventilation map (IG)
verification (TCH)
verification certificate (MET)
verification of a measuring instrument (MET)
verification point (G)
verisimilitude of a map (K)
vernal equinox, first point of Aries (G)
vernier (P)
vernier microscope (P)
vernier theodolite (P)
vertex angle (M)
vertex angle of a traverse (M)
vertical alignment, profile grade, road level, level line (IG)
vertical angle (M)
vertical circle (P)
vertical control (G)
vertical control point (G)
vertical coordinate reference system (G)
vertical coordinate system (G)
vertical datum (G)
vertical datum point (G)
vertical dilution of precision (GNSS)
vertical displacement (IG)
vertical exaggeration (K)
vertical gravimetric base (G)
vertical map scale (M)
vertical parallax (F)
vertical photo(graph) (F)
vertical slow-motion screw (P)
verticality deviation (TCH)
very close range photogrammetry (F)
Vienna fathom (KN)
view axis, scene axis (F)
viewing service (GI)
viewing the cadastre documents (KN)
vignette (K)
vineyard (KN)
virtual reality (GI)
virtual reference station (GNSS)
visible radiation (F)
visual approach chart (K)
visual interpretation of aerial photographs (F)
visualisation, visualization (GI)
vowel marker (K)
voxel, volume element (GI)
waiving the right to claim compensation for damage caused to a tract of land (KN)
wall (geodetic) monumentation (M)
wall map (K)
warm start (GNSS)
washing (K)
waste paper (K)
water absorption (K)
water management map (K)
water register (KN)
water surface (KN)
watershed line (M)
watershed, divide (US) (M)
wavelength (G)
web coverage service (WCS) (GI)
Web Feature Service (WFS) (GI)
web map application (GI)
web map portal (GI)
Web Map Service (WMS) (GI)
Web of Things, Internet of Things (IoT) (GI)
web server, www server, webserver (GI)
web services (GI)
week rollover (GNSS)
weight matrix (TCH)
weight of a measurement (TCH)
weighted mean (TCH)
west longitude (G)
west point (G)
western geographical longitude (K)
whirler (P)
whiskbroom sensor (F)
wide angle lens (F)
Wide Area Augmentation System (GNSS)
wide area DGPS (GNSS)
wide area network (WAN) (GI)
wide-angle camera (P)
wide-lane (GNSS)
wind -diagram (K)
wind -rose (K)
wire tacheometer, tacheometer with stadia lines (P)
wire tacheometry (M)
wire-frame (model) (GI)
wire-stitching machine, wire stitcher (P)
witness mark (IG)
wood-free paper (K)
working map scale (M)
working standard, working etalon (MET)
workstation (P)
World Aeronautical Chart (W.A.C.) (K)
world atlas (K)
World Geodetic System 1984 (G)
world map (K)
World Map 1:2 500 000 (K)
written documentation (KN)
written documentation of land cadastre (KN)
written documentation of the real estate registry (KN)
wrong-reading copy (K)
x-order levelling, x-order leveling (US) (G)
xerography (K)
xylography, wood-engraving (K)
Y-code (GNSS)
year (G)
year of publication (K)
zenith (M)
zenith telescope (P)
zenithal distance (M)
zero error of a measuring instrument (MET)
zero of a measuring instrument (MET)
zero order network measured by GNSS technology (G)
zone number (K)
zoom(ing) in / out (GI)
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