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Termíny oboru geodézie (444)
(higher) geodesy (G)
aberration (G)
aberration of light (G)
absolute ellipsoid (G)
absolute gravimeter (G)
absolute gravity point, absolute gravity station (G)
acceleration (G)
active satellite (G)
adjusted distance (G)
administrator of geodetic control mark (G)
Adriatic datum (G)
agonic line, agona (G)
aiming (G)
air navigation (G)
allipsoidal normal (G)
almucantar, parallel of altitude (G)
angle measurement (G)
angle measurement in all combination (G)
annual aberration (G)
annus fictus, Besselian year, fictitious year (G)
anomalous magnetic variation (G)
anomaly (G)
aphelion (G)
apogee (G)
apparent declination (G)
apparent horizon (G)
apsidal line, line of apsides, apse line (G)
apsis (pl. apsides) (G)
areal leveling network (G)
argument of declination (G)
argument of latitude (G)
argument of perigee (G)
artificial Earth satellite (G)
artificial lunar satellite (G)
assistant, helper, rodman, chainman (G)
associated point (G)
astasy (G)
astatizing (G)
asteroid, minor planet, planetoid (G)
astro-geodetic network of the Czech Republic (G)
astro-station, astro-point, astronomical point (G)
astrodynamics (G)
astrogravimetric point (G)
astrometry (G)
astronomic anomaly (G)
astronomic azimuth (G)
astronomically determined geographical longitude (G)
astronomy (G)
atmosphere (G)
atomic time (G)
autumnal equinox, first point of Librae (G)
axis of sight, collimation axis (G)
azimuth (G)
Baltic Vertical Datum - After Adjustment (G)
barometric levelling, barometric leveling (US) (G)
barycenter, barycentre (G)
base point (G)
baseline measurement (G)
baseline network (G)
Basic Geodynamic Network of the Czech Republic (G)
bearing (G)
bearing from south counted grid (G)
bench mark, levelling point, leveling point (US) (G)
Bessel spheroid, Bessel ellipsoid (G)
Besselian day numbers (G)
Bouguer anomaly (G)
Bouguer complete anomaly (G)
Bouguer plate (G)
Bowie effect (G)
calibration point, calibration station (G)
celestial longitude, ecliptical longitude (G)
centering of an instrument (G)
centesimal division (G)
centrifugal acceleration (G)
chopping (G)
circuit closure (G)
civil day, calendar day (G)
coarse reading (G)
coefficient of refraction (G)
coincidence (G)
Collins point (G)
combined intersection (G)
communication satellite (G)
compound coordinate reference system (G)
connecting point (G)
convergence of meridians (G)
coordinate (G)
coordinate conversion (G)
coordinate operation (G)
coordinate reference system (G)
coordinate system (G)
coordinate transformation (G)
correction for Earth curvature and refraction (G)
Czech Detailed Leveling Network (G)
Czech gravimetric network (G)
Czech national trigonometric network (G)
Czech State Leveling Network (G)
database of geodetic control (G)
datum (G)
Datum of Uniform Trigonometric Cadastral Network (G)
datum point, reference point (G)
declination (G)
deflection of the vertical (G)
degree (G)
determination of geoid (G)
digression (G)
dip of the horizon (G)
direct distance measurement (G)
direction halfset (G)
direction to the computation surface (G)
diurnal aberration (G)
documentation of state boundaries (G)
Doppler effect (G)
double set (G)
Dublin Julian Date (G)
eastern longitude, east longitude (G)
easting (E) (G)
eccentric anomaly (G)
ecliptic (G)
ellipse of nutation, nutation ellipse (G)
ellipsoid 1967 (G)
ellipsoid 1980 (GRS 80) (G)
ellipsoid Krassovsky (G)
ellipsoid WGS84 (G)
elongation (G)
engineering levelling, engineering leveling (US) (G)
ephemeris (G)
ephemeris time (G)
equatorial satellite (G)
equinox (G)
European Terrestrial Reference System (G)
Faye anomaly, free-air anomaly (G)
field of view of telescope (G)
figure with parallactic angle (G)
first point of Cancer (G)
fixed point of minor geodetic control (G)
flattening (G)
forward levelling, forward leveling (US) (G)
free station method (G)
fundamental bench mark (G)
fundamental geodetic control (G)
fundamental gravity geodetic control (G)
fundamental horizontal control (G)
fundamental indication bench mark (G)
fundamental satellite tracking station, basic point of satellite triangulation (G)
fundamental triangulation sheet (G)
fundamental vertical control (G)
Gal (G)
galactic longitude (G)
geocentric coordinates (G)
geodesy, surveying (G)
geodetic astronomy (G)
geodetic azimuth (G)
geodetic bases, geodetic control (G)
geodetic coordinate system, ellipsoidal coordinate system (G)
geodetic coordinates (G)
geodetic datum (G)
geodetic documentation, survey documentation (G)
geodetic fundamental point, initial point (G)
geodetic gravity point, geodetic gravity station, gravity point (G)
geodetic height point (G)
geodetic height, ellipsoidal height (G)
geodetic latitude, ellipsoidal latitude (φ) (G)
geodetic line (G)
geodetic longitude, ellipsoidal longitude (λ) (G)
geodetic methods (G)
geodetic observatory (G)
geodetic point field, geodetic control (G)
geodetical satellite, geodetic satellite (US) (G)
geodynamic control (G)
geodynamical satellite (G)
geodynamics (G)
geoid (G)
geoidal height (G)
geometric method of measurement (G)
geometrical levelling, geometric levelling (US) (G)
geopotential (G)
geostationary satellite, synchronous fixed satellite (G)
GNSS permanent station (G)
gon (G)
graphical triangulation, graphic triangulation (US) (G)
graphically determined point (G)
Gravimetric Datum 1995 (G)
gravimetric geoid (G)
gravimetrical point, gravity point (G)
gravimetry (G)
gravitational acceleration (G)
gravity (G)
gravity anomaly (G)
gravity control point, gravity reference point (G)
gravity gradient (G)
gravity reference station, gravity reference point (G)
gravity-related height (H) (G)
Greenwich mean time (G)
Greenwich sederal time (G)
Greenwich sideral date (G)
Greenwich time (G)
Greenwich true time (G)
Gregorian year (G)
grid magnetic angle, grivation (G)
Gusterberg datum of cadastre coordinates, Gusterberg datum (G)
gyro-azimut, azimut gyroscopic (G)
Hansen's problem (G)
height anomaly (G)
Helmert orthometric height (G)
high-precision levelling, high-precision leveling (US) (G)
horizontal distance (G)
horizontal refraction (G)
hydrostatic levelling/leveling (US) (G)
inaccessible length (G)
indication gravity point (G)
indirect distance measurement (G)
inertial azimuth (G)
inertial measurement (G)
initial point, point of origin (G)
intermediate point of geodetic base, intermediate base-line point (G)
international date line (G)
International Federation of Surveyors (G)
intersection from distances (G)
isobase (G)
isostatic anomaly (G)
Julian date (G)
Julian day (JD) (G)
Julian year (G)
junction point traverse (G)
key of transformation (G)
laboratory unit (a special mode of horizontal angle observation) (G)
Laplace azimuth (G)
Laplace condition (G)
Laplace point, Laplace station (G)
lenght reduction to sea level (G)
length of a degree (G)
length of a levelling section, length of a leveling section (US) (G)
length of force of attraction (G)
length of sight line (G)
level ellipsoid (G)
level net(work) (G)
level surface, equipotential surface (G)
levelling (vertical) datum, zero-point of levelling, leveling (vertical) datum (US), zero-point of leveling (US), fundamental bench mark (G)
levelling from the center between the rods, leveling from the center between the rods (US) (G)
levelling line, leveling line (US) (G)
levelling look (GB), leveling – (US) (G)
levelling observer, leveling observer (US) (G)
levelling section (GB), leveling – (US) (G)
levelling unit GB), leveling – (US) (G)
line of equal acceleration of gravity (G)
line of force (G)
local coordinate system (G)
local network (G)
local sideral time (G)
local time (G)
longitude of ascending node (G)
longitude of perihelion (G)
lost point (G)
magnetic anomaly, geomagnetic anomaly (G)
magnetic declination (G)
magnetic heading, magnetic azimuth (G)
magnetic inclination (G)
magnetic normal declination (G)
magnetometric point, magnetometric station, magnetic station (G)
mean anomaly (G)
mean declination (G)
mean sea level (G)
mean sideral day (G)
mean sideral time (G)
mean vernal point (G)
measured length, measured distance (G)
measuring of angles in one face (G)
meridian (G)
meridian ellipse, ellipsoidic meridian, geodetic meridian (G)
Metonic Cycle (G)
miliGal (G)
minor gravity geodetic control (G)
minor horizontal geodetic control (G)
minor triangulation (G)
minor vertical geodetic control (G)
mixed anomaly (G)
modified Julian date (G)
modified Julian day (G)
monumented point (G)
monumented point of technical levelling, monumented point of technical leveling (US) (G)
nadir (G)
navigation satellite, space vehicle of navigation (G)
net densification point (G)
NMEA Standard (G)
nodal line, line of nodes (G)
nodal point (G)
normal gravity (G)
normal gravity field (G)
normal height (G)
normal orthometric height (G)
normal section line (G)
north point (G)
northing (N) (G)
observation pillar (G)
observed point, measuring point (G)
observer (G)
offset point (G)
optically effective atmosphere (G)
orbit (G)
orbital elements, Keplerian orbital elements (G)
orientation of set of directions, orientation of round of directions (G)
orthogonal method (G)
orthometric height (G)
oscilation of the plumb line (G)
osculating elements (G)
parallactic differential aberration (G)
parallactic distance measurement (G)
parallactic figure with an auxiliary base (G)
parallactic figure with horizontal stadia rod (G)
passive satellite (G)
pendulum measurement station (G)
permanently monumented point (G)
permanently targeted point (G)
physical geodesy (G)
physical method of measurement (G)
planetary aberration (G)
planimetric survey point (G)
plumb line (G)
point of fundamental geodetic control (G)
point of graphical triangulation (G)
point of inflection (G)
point of lock, mark, witness point (G)
point of meridian arc (G)
point of orientation (G)
point of satellite triangulation, satellite tracking station (G)
points of the Basic Geodynamic Network of the CR (G)
polar satellite (G)
polygonisation (G)
polygonometry, traversing (G)
positional astronomy (G)
precise levelling, precise leveling (US) (G)
principal gravimetric base (G)
propagation time of time signal (G)
protected zone of geodetic point (G)
protection of survey stations (G)
quasigeoid (G)
real horizon, true horizon (G)
recent crustal movements (G)
recorder (G)
reduced distance (G)
reduced distance of geodesic line, reduced length of geodesic line (G)
reference ellipsoid (G)
reference point, reference station, fixed point (G)
refraction (G)
relative gravimeter (G)
relative gravity point (G)
repeated levelling, repeated leveling (US) (G)
resection (G)
reversal point (G)
reverse azimuth (G)
rotation time (G)
sag of the tape (G)
satellite (G)
satellite altimetry (G)
satellite geodesy (G)
satellite orbit (G)
satellite orbit dynamics (G)
searching measure (G)
secular aberration (G)
set of directions (G)
set of observation, measuring of angles in rounds (UK), measuring angles in sets (US) (G)
setup of levelling (GB) – leveling (US) (G)
sexagesimal division (G)
sideral day (G)
sideral time (G)
sidereal year (G)
slope distance (G)
spatial coordinate network, 3D network (G)
spherical astronomy (G)
spheroid (G)
St. Stephen datum of cadastre coordinates, St. Stephen datum (G)
staff change point (G)
standard time, legal time, zone time (G)
star numbers (G)
star transit time (G)
state boundary survey (G)
station adjustment (G)
subsatellite point (G)
surface normal (G)
survey campaign (G)
survey control point (G)
survey crew, survey team, survey party (G)
survey point (G)
survey tower (G)
survey with three-tripod equipment (G)
System 1942, Pulkovo System 1942 of Survey Co-ordinates (S-42/83) (G)
targeted point (G)
temperature correction (G)
temporal position (G)
temporary monumented point (G)
temporary targeted point (G)
terminal point of geodetic base, base-line terminal station (G)
three-dimensional positioning (G)
tidal force (G)
time of revolution, period of orbit (G)
topocentric declination (G)
topographical masses, topographic masses (US) (G)
topographical reduction, topographic reduction (US) (G)
transit time of a planet through the perihelion (G)
traverse misclosure (G)
traverse point (G)
traverse point, culmination point (G)
traversing with a subtense bar (G)
triangulation (G)
triangulation datum, astronomic station of astronomic-geodetical network (G)
triangulation network (G)
triangulation sheet (G)
triangulation station (G)
triangulator (G)
trigonometric levelling, trigonometric leveling (US) (G)
trigonometrical station, trigonometric point (US) (G)
trigonometrical subsidiary point, trigonometric subsidiary point (US) (G)
trigonometrically determined elevation (G)
trilateration (G)
trilateration net(work) (G)
true anomaly (G)
true declination (G)
true local time (G)
true sidereal time (G)
true solar day (G)
true vernal equinox (G)
underground mark (G)
underground point (G)
Unified European Levelling Network (UELN) (G)
universal coordinated time (UTC) (G)
universal time (G)
unperturbed normal orbit, Keplerian orbit (G)
UTM coordinate system (G)
verification point (G)
vernal equinox, first point of Aries (G)
vertical control point (G)
vertical coordinate reference system (G)
vertical coordinate system (G)
vertical datum (G)
vertical datum point (G)
wavelength (G)
west longitude (G)
west point (G)
World Geodetic System 1984 (G)
x-order levelling, x-order leveling (US) (G)
year (G)
zero order network measured by GNSS technology (G)
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