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Volba jazyka výpisu oboru

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Termíny oboru kartografie (1519)
3D-printing (K)
abbreviation (K)
absolute representation (K)
abstract symbol (K)
accuracy map specification (K)
achromatic colour, achromatic color (US) (K)
additive color mixture (K)
adhesive binding (K)
adhesive foil (K)
administrative diagram (K)
advance copy (K)
advance sheet, specimen sheet (K)
advertizing map (K)
aerodrome obstruction chart (K)
aeronautical chart (K)
aeronautical navigational chart (K)
aesthetic appreciation of maps (K)
air conditioning of paper (K)
airline (route) map (K)
allonym (K)
altimetric overlay (K)
anaglyph(ic) map (K)
analysis of cartographic work (K)
analytical map (K)
anamorphic map (K)
anamorphous method (K)
angular distortion, angular deformation (K)
animated mapping (K)
antihalo layer, antihalation backing, antihalation layer (K)
antihalo, antihalation (K)
antimeridian (K)
antique, roman (type) (K)
aperture (K)
aperture card, microcard (K)
applied cartography (K)
applied cartography (K)
approximate scale (K)
arbitrary projection, aphylactic projection (K)
archives of printing masters (K)
area boundary (on a map) (K)
area distortion, area deformation, area exaggeration (K)
area scale (K)
areal (K)
areal map distortion (K)
areal symbol (K)
areal symbols representation (K)
argentography (K)
argentotype copy (K)
art paper, coated board (K)
assembling base (K)
assembly sheet (K)
astronomical map (K)
atlas (K)
atlas binding (K)
atlas cartography (K)
atlas classification (K)
atlas dummy (K)
atlas for primary schools (K)
atlas format (K)
atlas gazetteer (K)
atlas issue (K)
atlas leaf (K)
atlas page (K)
atlas publisher (K)
atlas style (K)
atlas type (K)
atlas-back, backbone, shelfback, spine (K)
author compilation manuscript (K)
author of a map (K)
author's copy (K)
author's proof (K)
automated cartography, computer-assisted cartography (K)
autotypic colo(u)r tone (K)
auxiliary portrayal map projection surface (K)
axis of a meridian zone (K)
azimuthal equidistant projection (K)
azimuthal non-perspective projection (K)
azimuthal projection, zenithal projection (K)
azo dye (K)
back joint, French groove (K)
back lining, paper lining (K)
back-rounding of books (K)
backward italics, left-slanted italics (K)
backward-sloping lettering (K)
baryta paper (K)
base font (K)
Base Map of the Czech Republic (K)
base of map proof checking (K)
bathymetric chart (K)
bathymetric layer (K)
Beneš's projection (K)
bible paper (K)
bibliographic map specification (K)
big atlas (K)
binding operations (K)
binding thread (K)
bird's-eye view (K)
black-and-white map (K)
blank page, white page (K)
blank paper (K)
block diagram (K)
block letters (K)
blue key (K)
blue print (K)
blueprint paper (K)
bold-type face (K)
book cover, book case (K)
book jacket, dust jacket, wrapper (K)
book printing (K)
book section (K)
book-back gluing (K)
bookbinder (K)
bookbinder´s map adaptation (K)
bookbinding (K)
border (K)
border edging (K)
border information (K)
bound book (K)
boundary band (K)
boundary line of delimitation (K)
boundary of protected areas (K)
bounding meridian (K)
Braille type (K)
branch map (K)
brochure, booklet (K)
broken line (K)
buckling (of paper) (K)
cadastral cartography (K)
calculated scale (K)
calendered paper, calender finished paper (K)
capital letter, capital (K)
caption, legend (K)
cardboard (K)
Cartesian coordinate system (K)
cartogram (K)
cartogram scale (K)
cartographema (K)
cartographer (K)
cartographic bibliography (K)
cartographic block diagram (K)
cartographic communication (K)
cartographic conception (K)
cartographic conventions (K)
cartographic coordinate transformation (K)
cartographic coordinates (K)
cartographic data (K)
cartographic division of territory (K)
cartographic documentation (K)
cartographic equator (K)
cartographic foil (K)
cartographic generalization (K)
cartographic graphics (K)
cartographic information (K)
cartographic interpolation (K)
cartographic latitude (K)
cartographic longitude (K)
cartographic meridian (K)
cartographic model (K)
cartographic modelling (K)
cartographic morphem (K)
cartographic parallel (K)
cartographic phenomena presentation by diagrams (K)
cartographic pole (K)
cartographic printing (K)
cartographic product (K)
cartographic product (K)
cartographic product (map) revision (K)
cartographic production (K)
cartographic representation (K)
cartographic semiology (K)
cartographic sign resolution limit (K)
cartographic sketching (K)
cartographic syntagma (K)
cartographic techniques (K)
cartographic thesaurus (K)
cartographic type, cartographic face, cartographic script (K)
cartographic typography (K)
cartographic work editing (K)
cartographic work review (K)
cartographic works (K)
cartographical lithographer (K)
cartographical research methods (K)
cartography (K)
cartography of mining surveys (K)
cartolithography (K)
cartometric aids pl (K)
cartometric coordinates (K)
cartometric error (K)
cartometry (K)
cartouche (K)
case binding (K)
casing-in (K)
Cassini´s projection (K)
catalogue of topographic(al) objects, catalog of topographic(al objects (US)) (K)
census choice of map elements (K)
central projection, gnomonic projection (K)
chain-dot line (K)
characteristic sheet (K)
chart folio, sea atlas (K)
chart of navigation (K)
checking and correction of a final map proof (K)
choice of projection (K)
chopper fold (K)
chorogram (K)
chorographic map (K)
choronym (K)
choropleth map (K)
choropleth method (K)
chromatic colour, chromatic color (US) (K)
chromo-based board (K)
cicero (K)
circle symbol (K)
classical atlas (K)
classification of types (K)
clear original, clear copy (K)
co-latitude; polar distance (K)
coastal chart (K)
coastline (K)
coated paper, art paper, glossy paper (K)
coating base (K)
coil binding (K)
collating mark, niggerheads (K)
collotype printing (K)
colour brightness, color brightness (US) (K)
colour chart, color chart (US) (K)
colour contrast, color contrast (US) (K)
colour control scale, color control scale (US) (K)
colour extract, color extract (US) (K)
colour fading, color fading (US) (K)
colour filter, color filter (US) (K)
colour gradation, color gradation (US) (K)
colour harmony, color harmony (US) (K)
colour hue, color hue (US) (K)
colour hypsometry (K)
colour hypsometry method, color hypsometry method (US) (K)
colour layout, color layout (US) (K)
colour lightening, color lightening (K)
colour map desing, color map desing (US) (K)
colour model; color model (US) (K)
colour of hill shading, color of hill shading (US) (K)
colour printing; color printing (US) (K)
colour proof process, color proof process (US) (K)
colour proof, color proof (US) (K)
colour register accuracy, color register accuracy (US) (K)
colour register, color register (US) (K)
colour representing features according to accepted principles, color representing features according to accepted principles (K)
colour saturation, color saturation (US) (K)
colour separation negative, color separation negative (US) (K)
colour separation, color separation (US) (K)
colour sequence, color sequence (US) (K)
colour specification, color specification (US) (K)
colour stamping, color stamping (US) (K)
colour standardization (K)
colour transparency, colour translucency (K)
colour wedge, color wedge (US) (K)
colour wheele, colour circle, color wheele (US), color circle (US) (K)
colour; color (US) (K)
coloured area, colored area (US) (K)
coloured paper, colored paper (US) (K)
column (K)
column width (K)
combination plate (K)
combined (map) sheet (K)
combined diagrammatic map (K)
commercial cartography (K)
common boundary of maps (K)
compensing mask (K)
compilation (K)
compilation manuscript (K)
compilation scale (K)
complementary colours, complementary colors (US) (K)
complex map (K)
complex thematic atlas (K)
composite name, compound name (K)
composite name, compound name (K)
compositor (K)
computer aided map processing (K)
computer-assisted cartography (K)
concertina folding, zigzag folding (K)
condensed type (K)
conference on the International Map of the World (K)
configuration map (K)
conformal projection (K)
conical projection, conic projection (US) (K)
construction (K)
contact print (K)
contact printing (K)
continental map (K)
continuous-tone image (K)
contrasting colours, contrasting colors (US) (K)
control drawing (K)
conventional sign (K)
coordinate grid (K)
copperplate map engraving (K)
copperplate printing (K)
copy (K)
copy (of the publication) which will be obligatory sent to offices and institutions according to the law prescriptions (K)
copy of the map (K)
copy ready for setting (K)
copying (K)
copying layer (K)
copying screen (K)
copyright (K)
copyright protection (K)
corrected galley-proof (K)
correction copy (K)
correction marks (K)
correction overprint (K)
correction sheet (K)
correctostat paper (K)
covering power of ink (K)
craft binding (K)
cube (symbol) (K)
cultural feature (K)
current chart (K)
current edition (K)
cutting to size (K)
cyan (K)
cyanotypy, blueprint (K)
cyclic revision (K)
cyclo-tourist map (K)
cylindrical projection (K)
Czech Cartographic Society (K)
danger line (K)
dark room (K)
data carrier (K)
date of completion of the map content (K)
date of map issue, publication date note (K)
date of printing (K)
day-light film (K)
decimal scale (K)
degree square, quadrangle (K)
delete mark (K)
demographic(al) atlas (K)
demographic(al) map (K)
demonym ; gentilic (K)
densitometry (K)
density class (K)
density exposure curve (K)
density of geographic names (K)
derived cartographic product (K)
design sheet (of the map) (K)
design, typography, markup (K)
detailed determination of object position (K)
developer (K)
development (K)
diagram (K)
diagram map (K)
diagrammatic map with dot symbols (K)
diagrams or sketches placed inside or outside the map border (K)
diapositive mask (K)
diazo film (K)
diazo paper (K)
die stamping, relief stamping (K)
diffuse reflection foil (K)
digital cartographic model (DCM) (K)
digital printing (K)
dimensional stability (K)
direct printing (K)
displacement, offset (K)
distinctive type-faces pl (K)
distinguishing evolution of map making (K)
distortion isograms (K)
distortion of bearing, deformation of bearing (K)
distortion of the cartographic projection (K)
distortions of a map projection (K)
distribution copy (K)
distribution map (K)
documentation works (K)
dot map (K)
dot method (K)
dotted line (K)
double cartogram (K)
double line (K)
drafting template, drafting guide (K)
drainage plate, water plate (K)
draught of selected elements which are to be combined for printing in single colour, draught of selected elements which are to be combined for printing in single color (US) (K)
draughting original (K)
drawing base (K)
drawing card, drawing cardboard (K)
drawing ink (K)
drawing paper (K)
drawing techniques (K)
dry (picture) transfer (K)
drying speed of ink (K)
dummy copy (K)
dummy make-up (K)
duplex printing (K)
duplicate film (K)
dyeline print (K)
dyeline printing (K)
dynamic(al) representation (K)
early map (K)
Earth map in two hemispheres, planiglobes (K)
eastern geographical longitude (K)
economic-geographical map (K)
edging; edge-binding (K)
editing board (K)
edition (K)
edition notes pl (K)
edition number (K)
edition plan (K)
editor's licence (K)
editor's revision (K)
editor-in-chief (K)
editorial board (K)
editorial closing (K)
editorial instructions (K)
editorial plan, publishing scheme (K)
Egyptian (type design) (K)
electrographic printing, electrostatic printing, electrography (K)
electrostatic print (K)
elevation(al) drawing (K)
ellipse of distortion, Tissot´s Indicatrix (K)
end leaves pl, end papers pl (K)
endonym (K)
engraving foil (K)
engraving inversion (K)
enlargement factor (K)
enlargement proportion, enlargement ratio (K)
equal optical density (K)
equation of cartographic projection (K)
equator (K)
equatorial scale (K)
equidistance line (K)
equidistant projection (K)
equipment for map storage (K)
equivalent projection, equal-area projection, authalic projection (K)
erratum, errata pl (K)
error of map lettering (K)
error of reproduction (K)
exonyme (K)
expanded type (K)
exposure time (K)
expressed scale (K)
extent of the work (K)
external projection (K)
extraterrestial name (K)
extrusion, border break, blister (US) (K)
facsimile (K)
fair draught (of the map), fair draft (of the map) (US) (K)
fair draught for a map plate, fair draft for a map plate (US) (K)
fair draught hydrography for a map plate, fair draft hydrography for a map plate (US) (K)
fair draught hypsography for a map plate, fair draft hypsography for a map plate (US) (K)
fair draught in colour, fair draft in color (US) (K)
fair draught lettering for a map plate, fair draft lettering for a map plate (US) (K)
fair draught production, fair draft production (US) (K)
fair drawing, fair draughting, fair drafting (US) (K)
false projection (K)
Fasching projection (K)
fascimile map (K)
fast colour, fast color (US) (K)
fathom scale (K)
feature relationship (K)
figural sign, figural symbol (K)
filling (K)
filling cabinet (K)
film cassette, film holder (K)
film distortion (K)
film negative (K)
film positive (K)
filmsetting (K)
final press proof, clean proof (K)
first edition (K)
fixing solution (K)
flap (K)
flat-bed printing (K)
flatness of paper (K)
flexographic printing (K)
flow diagram (of a map) (K)
fluorescent ink (K)
fluorescent map (K)
focus depth (K)
focusing screen (K)
fog, fogging (K)
foil stamping (K)
fold (K)
fold marks (K)
folded map (K)
folding strength (K)
forced registering (K)
forecast map (K)
foreign name (K)
forestry map (K)
format (K)
formate of a foulded map (K)
four-colour printing, four-color printing (US) (K)
framework division, neat line graduation (K)
framework, map frame (K)
frequency curve (K)
full bound (K)
galley proof (K)
gathered sheets of the completed book (K)
Gauss projection (K)
Gauss-Krüger projection (K)
gazetteer (K)
general cartography (K)
general geographical map, general geographic map (US) (K)
general mining map (K)
generalisation principles pl (K)
generalisation theory (K)
generalisation threshold (K)
generalization by means of automatic data processing (K)
generalization method (K)
generalization operator (K)
generalization procedures (K)
generalization scale (K)
geocentric latitude (K)
geodetic cartography (K)
geographic pole (K)
geographic(al) name on a map; place name (K)
geographical atlas, geographic atlas (US) (K)
geographical cartography, geographic cartography (US) (K)
geographical coordinates, geographic coordinates (US) (K)
geographical information service, geographic information service (US) (K)
geographical map, geographic map (US) (K)
geographical names authority, Board on geographic names (US) (K)
geographical names, geographic names (US) (K)
geography (K)
geological map (K)
geomagnetical map (K)
geometric (map) symbol (K)
geometrical generalization, geometric generalization (US) (K)
geomorphologic map (K)
Geonames - database of geographical names in the Czech Republic (K)
geonym, geographical name, geographic name (US) (K)
georelief map (K)
glass plate (K)
global determination of object position (K)
globe (K)
globe cartography (K)
globe map (K)
globe of the celestial sphere (K)
globe of the Earth (K)
globe of the Moon (K)
globe zone, globe gore (K)
globular projection (K)
glued paper (K)
gnomonic projection (K)
graduated point symbols scale (K)
graduated sign, proportional sign, proportional symbol (K)
graininess, granularity (K)
grant of map reproduction rights (K)
graph (K)
graphic arts, printing production (K)
graphic desing (K)
graphic(al) accuracy (K)
graphical accuracy, draughting accuracy, drawing accuracy, graphic accuracy (US), drafting accuracy (US) (K)
graphical analysis of cartographic work, graphic analysis of cartographic work (US) (K)
graphical determination of object position, graphic determination of object position (US) (K)
graphical enlargement, graphic enlargement (US) (K)
graphical error, graphic error (US) (K)
graphical reduction, graphic reduction (US) (K)
graphical scale of hachures, graphic scale of hachures (US) (K)
graphical symbols, graphic symbols (US) (K)
graticule intersection (K)
graticule lines (K)
graticule tick (K)
gravimetrical map (K)
gravure printing, intaglio printing (K)
great circle, orthodrome (K)
Greenwich meridian, Prime Meridian (K)
griblet (K)
grid diagrammatic map (K)
grid intersection (K)
grid interval (K)
grid line (K)
grid square (K)
grid ticks pl (K)
gripper edge, lay edge (K)
grotesque (type design) (K)
guide copy (K)
hachure (K)
hachure density (K)
hachured map (K)
hachures giving impression of relief by shadow (K)
hachures of Lehmann, Lehmann hachures (K)
hachuring (K)
hair-line (K)
half (map) sheet (K)
half-title, bastard title (K)
half-tone negative (K)
halftone dot (K)
halftone reproduction (K)
halftone screen (K)
hand colouring, hand coloring (US) (K)
hand composition (K)
hand lettering (K)
hand made map (K)
heavy line (K)
heliographic printing (K)
hill shading (K)
hill shading method (K)
histogram of frequency (K)
historical atlas (K)
historical map (K)
historical name (K)
historical school atlas (K)
history of cartography (K)
history of cartography (K)
hodonym (K)
hologram (K)
homonym (K)
horizontal (line) (K)
horizontal equivalent (K)
house corrections pl (K)
human geographic(al) map; human geographic(al) chart (K)
hydrographic chart, nautical chart (K)
hydrographic charting (K)
hydrographic map (K)
hydrologic map (K)
hydronym (K)
hyphen (K)
hypsography (K)
hypsometric curve (K)
hypsometric layer (K)
hypsometric layer (K)
hypsometric representation (K)
hypsometric tint scale, layer box, elevation tints box (K)
hypsometric tint, altitude tint (K)
illuminated contour (K)
illuminated globe (K)
illustration printing paper (K)
imaginary (area) map (K)
impression (K)
incunabula (K)
index contour (K)
index to adjoining sheets (K)
indirect printing (K)
information value of a map (K)
infringement of (map) copyright (K)
ink absorption (K)
ink coverage, ink consumption (K)
inset, supplement (K)
instructional map (K)
intermediate cartographic document (K)
intermediate copy (K)
intermediate key, guide key (K)
intermediate scale (K)
International Cartographic Association (ICA) (K)
International Map of the World (K)
inverse problem of mathematical cartography (K)
irregular deformation of base of a map (K)
isobaric chart, pressure chart (K)
isobath chart (K)
isoline (K)
isoline map (K)
isoline method (K)
isometric line (K)
isometric view (K)
isopleth (K)
isopleth graph (K)
italic (K)
itinerary (K)
jobbing type face, display type face (K)
key map, reconnaissance map (K)
Křovák´s universal conformal conical projection (K)
Lambert cylindrical equal-area projection (K)
Lambert equal-area conical projection (K)
laminated paper (K)
lamination (of a map) (K)
land name (K)
landform-type map, terrain-type map (K)
landing chart (K)
large scale (K)
latent image (K)
latitude (K)
latitude scale (K)
lay sheet (K)
layer coating (K)
layer removal (K)
layered (relief) map (K)
layered bathymetric chart (K)
layout of composition, design of composition (K)
lens parameters, objective parameters (K)
lens shutter (K)
letter incline (K)
letter symbol (K)
letter width (K)
letters height (K)
light face (type design) (K)
light integrator (K)
light line (K)
light sensitivity of the photographic coating, light sensitivness of the photographic coating (K)
light transmission (K)
light-hardening (K)
light-sensitive coating, actinic layer (K)
limp binding (K)
line (K)
line negative, pen-and-ink negative (K)
line sharpness (K)
line smoothing (K)
line symbol (K)
line thickness (K)
linear map distortion (K)
linear map feature (K)
liquid opaque (K)
list of maps (K)
litho ink (K)
lithographic printer (K)
lithography (K)
lithography of coloured areas, lithography of colored areas (US) (K)
local meridian (K)
long fold (K)
longitude (K)
longitude zone (K)
low water line (K)
lunar name (K)
machine composition (K)
machine format (K)
machine proof (K)
machine setting, machine adjustment (K)
magenta (K)
magnetic declination diagram (K)
magnetic North (K)
magnetic pole (K)
main map (K)
majuscule (K)
manual map atlas, reference atlas (K)
manual map, reference map (K)
manual shading (K)
manuscript (K)
manuscript of map lettering (K)
manuscript written on small cards (K)
map (atlas) reviewer (K)
map (sheet) trimming edge (K)
map accession list (K)
map aesthetics (K)
map anamorphosis (K)
map annex, map inset, map supplement (K)
map archives (K)
map atlas (K)
map author (K)
map background (K)
map bibliography (K)
map case (K)
map catalogue (K)
map cataloguing (K)
map cataloguing system (K)
map character (K)
map characters, map properties (K)
map clarity (K)
map classification (K)
map code (K)
map collection (K)
map colo(u)r arrangement (K)
map colour, map color (US) (K)
map colouring, map coloring (US) (K)
map communication conception (K)
map compilation (K)
map compilation manuscript (K)
map components, map requisites (K)
map conception (K)
map copying (K)
map copyright (K)
map correction (K)
map correction date; map revision date (K)
map coverage (K)
map currency, map relevance (K)
map deformation (K)
map designer (K)
map distance measurement (K)
map documentation (K)
map draughtsman, map draftsman (US) (K)
map drawing, map draughting, map drafting (US) (K)
map duplicate (K)
map editing (K)
map edition (K)
map elements simplification (K)
map elements balance (K)
map elements selection (K)
map entropy (K)
map error (K)
map evaluation (K)
map exhibition (K)
map face (K)
map feature (K)
map filing (K)
map folding (K)
map for rock climbers (K)
map front side (K)
map function (K)
map gazetteer (K)
map glueing (K)
map heading (K)
map history (K)
map image (K)
map imprint (K)
map incorporated in an atlas (K)
map information conception (K)
map inset (K)
map issue, edition of a map (K)
map language (K)
map language alternation (K)
map language conception (K)
map language version (K)
map layout (K)
map legend (K)
map lettering (K)
map lettering design (K)
map logic (K)
map margin (K)
map marginal note (K)
map matrix (K)
map mounting (K)
map name in its local form (K)
map of (Earth's) recent crustal movements (K)
map of administrative division (K)
map of gravity abnormalities (K)
map of isochrones (K)
map of Mars (K)
map of selected area (K)
map of state, map of country (K)
map overlay (K)
map paper (K)
map print order (K)
map print without frame (K)
map printing (K)
map production (K)
map project (K)
map projecting (K)
map projection (K)
map proof (K)
map proof checking (K)
map proof-reader (K)
map publisher (K)
map publishing house (K)
map purpose (K)
map reader (K)
map reader's work (K)
map reading (K)
map reliability (K)
map representing cartometric measurements (K)
map reproduction (K)
map reverse (K)
map revision cycle (K)
map room (K)
map sample (K)
map scale (K)
map scale type (K)
map sections (K)
map set (K)
map sheet assembly (K)
map sheet number (K)
map sheet of periodically realized corrections (K)
map sheet with updated information (K)
map sheets overlapping (K)
map source materials (K)
map specification (K)
map storage (K)
map store (K)
map style (K)
map sub-title (K)
map subject (K)
map symbol reference point (K)
map symbols projecting (K)
map trimming (K)
map type (K)
map type indication (K)
map use (K)
map user (K)
map with varying scale (K)
mapping agency (K)
maschine-finished paper (K)
mask (K)
masking (K)
mathematical cartography (K)
mathematical source material of a map (K)
mathematical-statistical analysis of cartographic work (K)
matting (K)
means of map representation (K)
measuring focussing screen (K)
mechanical enlargement (K)
mechanical reduction (K)
medium scale; middle scale (K)
medium-bold type, semibold type (K)
Mercator map, Mercator chart (K)
Mercator´s projection (K)
meridian arc (K)
meridian Ferro (K)
meridian of origin (K)
meridional scale (K)
metacartography (K)
metadata harvesting (K)
meteorological chart (K)
method of cartographic generalization (K)
method of cartographic representation (K)
method of figural symbols, method of figural signs (K)
method of localized diagram symbols (K)
method of producing plastic relief maps (K)
microcard (K)
microfiche (K)
microfilm (K)
micrography (K)
microphotography (K)
microrecorded map (K)
microtoponym, minor name (K)
military cartographic product (K)
military cartography (K)
military geographical atlas, military geographic atlas (US) (K)
military geographical map, military geographic map (US) (K)
military state map series (K)
minimum distorsion projection (K)
mining area boundary (K)
minuscule (K)
miscellaneous projection (K)
mixed colour, mixed color (US) (K)
mixing of colours, mixing of colors (US), mixing of inks (K)
model scale (K)
moiré effect (K)
montage (K)
Moon atlas, lunar atlas (K)
Moon map, lunar map (K)
morphography (K)
morphometric map (K)
morphometry (K)
multicolo(u)r (map) printing (K)
multicolour map, multicolor map (US) (K)
multilingual map (K)
multilingual map script (K)
multiscriptual map (K)
multiscriptual map script (K)
names plate (K)
national atlas (K)
national map series (K)
natural phenomenon, natural feature (K)
navigation chart (K)
neat line (K)
negative mask (K)
negative print (K)
negative reproduction process (K)
negative scribing (K)
neutral wedge (K)
new edition (K)
new printing (K)
non defined projection (K)
non standard geographic(al) name (K)
non transparent original (K)
non-periodical publication (K)
non-sensitized film (K)
normal aspect (normal case) of a map projection (K)
normative choice of map elements (K)
north pole (K)
North-West lighting (K)
northern geographical latitude (K)
numerical attribute (K)
O - T map, ancient map in circle form (K)
oblique aspect (oblique case) of a map projection (K)
oblique hill shading (K)
obsolete edition (K)
oceanograhy (K)
oceanographic atlas (K)
oceanographic chart, oceanographic map (K)
off-cut (K)
official map (K)
official map agency (K)
official name (K)
offset paper (K)
offset printing, offset (K)
old map, archaic map (K)
oldest map relicts (K)
ondulation of paper, corrugation of paper (K)
one-kilometer map grid (K)
onomastics (K)
opacity (K)
opaque paint, opaque colour, opaque color (US) (K)
optical density (K)
optical enlargement (K)
optical reduction (K)
ordinary distorstion rays (K)
orientation grid (K)
orientation of a map to the north (K)
orientation of a map to the south (K)
orientation using a map (K)
oriented map (K)
original (K)
original image (K)
orography (K)
oronym (K)
orthochromatic coating (K)
orthochromatic film (K)
orthodrome, great circle (K)
orthographic projection (K)
out-of-date map (K)
outline (K)
outline letter (type design) (K)
outline map (K)
overlay inspectional (K)
overprint (K)
oversheets, overplus (K)
page (K)
page proof (K)
pagination (K)
paging (K)
paleocartography (K)
paleogeographic map (K)
panchromatic coating (K)
panorama (K)
panoramic map (K)
paper (K)
paper characteristics (K)
paper colour, paper color (US) (K)
paper distortion (K)
paper grain direction (K)
paper sheet (K)
paper size (K)
paper stoff (K)
paper store (K)
paper thickness (K)
paper translucency (K)
paper underside, wireside (K)
paper upperside, feltside, top side (K)
paperback (K)
parallel (of latitude) (K)
parallel fold (K)
parallel line arc (K)
partial revision (K)
pasteboard, millboard (K)
pattern (K)
pattern screen (K)
pebbling (K)
pecked line (K)
pen and ink drawing (K)
percentage dot map (K)
perspective projection (K)
perspective view (K)
perspective volume symbol (K)
photo picture (K)
photo-lithography (K)
photochemistry (K)
photographer (K)
photographic coating, photographic emulsion (K)
photographic enlargement (K)
photographic film (K)
photographic hill shading (K)
photographic masking (K)
photographic material, photomaterial (K)
photographic paper (K)
photographic print (K)
photographic reduction (K)
photographic vignetting (K)
photography (K)
photogravure, intaglio printing (K)
photomachanical proof (of the map) (K)
photomechanical colour separation, photomechanical color separation (US) (K)
photomechanical combination (K)
photomechanical copy, photochemical copy (K)
photomechanical copying (K)
photomechanical printing, photochemical printing (K)
photopolymer (K)
photoreproduction (K)
physical geography (K)
physical school map (K)
physico-geographical map (K)
physiographic map (K)
pictogram (K)
pictorial atlas (K)
pictorial map (K)
pictorial relief map (K)
pictorial symbol (K)
plan (K)
plan symbol (K)
plane of projection (K)
planimetric plate (K)
planisphere (K)
planning map (K)
planographic printing (K)
plastic foil (K)
plastic foil print (K)
plastic relief map (K)
pocket atlas (K)
point of zero distorsion (K)
point symbol (K)
point symbol representing settlement (K)
point with given elevation (K)
polar circle (K)
polar diagram, polar co-ordinate chart (K)
pole (K)
political atlas (K)
polyconic projection (K)
polyedric projection (K)
polyester (K)
polyester film (K)
polygrapher (K)
polyvinyl chloride (K)
polyvinyl chloride film (K)
polyvinylic alcohol, polyvinyl alcohol (K)
positioning of the lettering (K)
positive copy (K)
positive map copy (K)
positive mask (K)
positive reproduction process (K)
positive scribing (K)
Posteľ s azimuthal projection (K)
poster map (K)
pragmatism of map symbol system (K)
prehistorical map (K)
preliminary (map) layout (K)
preliminary layout of the cartographic work (K)
preliminary map layout (K)
preliminary sheet (K)
preparation of a map (K)
preserved map (K)
press proof (K)
pressure-free printing (K)
prestretching (K)
primary colours, primary colors (US) (K)
primary plates (K)
prime meridian (K)
prime meridian in meridial zone (K)
principal scale (K)
print (K)
print base, printing master (K)
print matrix (K)
print order of a map (K)
print polishing (K)
print, press (K)
printed area (of a paper sheet) (K)
printed medium (K)
printing area (of a paper sheet) (K)
printing authorization (of the map) (K)
printing block (K)
printing colour, printing ink, printing color (US) (K)
printing date note (K)
printing form (K)
printing format (K)
printing industry (K)
printing mask, copying mask (K)
printing of a map using four colours print, printing of a map using four-colors (US) (K)
printing office, printing works (K)
printing paper (K)
printing plate (K)
printing plate se (K)
printing plate store (K)
printing sheet (K)
printing surface (K)
printing technique (K)
printing types (K)
private cartography (K)
process engraving (K)
process of reproduction (K)
producer of globes (K)
production control schedule (K)
profile symbol (K)
projected coordinate reference system (K)
projection surface (K)
projection surface axis (K)
projectual maps (K)
promotional map (K)
proof printing plate (K)
proof; correction (K)
proportional point symbol (K)
proportional symbol, graduated symbol (K)
protective coating (K)
provisional edition, advanced issui (K)
pseudoisoline (K)
publisher´s contract (K)
publishing house (K)
publishing sheet (K)
pull-out map (K)
pull; proof (K)
puzzling map, incomprehensible map (K)
qualitative generalization (K)
qualitative representation (of features or phenomena) (K)
quality of cartographic work (K)
quantitative generalization (K)
quantitative representation (K)
quantitative symbols (K)
quarter cloth binding (K)
quarter sheet (K)
quasi-azimuthal projection (K)
radar map (K)
railway curves (K)
railway lines map, railroad lines map (K)
read-right image, right reading image (K)
read-wrong image, wrong reading image (K)
reader (K)
record copy (K)
rectangular plane grid, grid (K)
reduction factor (K)
reduction of map elements (K)
reduction proportion, reduction ratio (K)
reference sphere (K)
reference surface (K)
reflex paper (K)
reflex printing (K)
regional atlas (K)
regional map (K)
register differences pl (K)
register holes (K)
register mark (K)
register mark; feeding mark (K)
register pin (K)
registering (K)
regular deformation of base (K)
relief globe (K)
relief model (K)
relief plate (K)
relief printing (K)
repaired edition (K)
representation in exagerrated scale; drawing in exagerrated scale (K)
representational symbol (K)
reprint (K)
reproduction (K)
reproduction film (K)
reproduction photography (K)
reproduction scale (K)
reprography (K)
responsible (map, atlas) editor (K)
retouching (K)
retouching medium (K)
reversal film, autopositive film (K)
revised edition (K)
revised map edition (K)
revision manuscript of map (K)
revolving planisphere (K)
rhumb line, loxodrome (K)
right-angle fold (K)
right-reading copy (K)
river navigation map (K)
road atlas (K)
road map (K)
road map (K)
rock contour (K)
rock drawing (K)
rock hachures (K)
Roman script, Roman type face (K)
round scale (K)
route chart (K)
route map (K)
ruling (K)
running (K)
saddle stitching (K)
scale along central parallel (K)
scale at map mid-point (K)
scale classification (K)
scale comparability (K)
scale conversion (K)
scale data (K)
scale determination (K)
scale error (K)
scale number (K)
scale of cartographic symbol dimension (K)
scale preservation (K)
scale recalculation (K)
scale-determined generalization (K)
schematic map (K)
school atlas (K)
school atlas representing home region (K)
school cartography (K)
school geographical atlas, school geographic atlas (US) (K)
school map (K)
school map representing home region (K)
school wall map (K)
school wall map (K)
scraper (K)
screen (K)
screen density (K)
screen pattern sample sheet (K)
screen-process ink (K)
screened area (K)
screened negative (K)
screened positive (K)
screw connection (K)
scribing (K)
scribing coating, scribe coating (K)
scribing key, scribe key (K)
secant parallel (K)
segment of a globe (K)
segment of a globe, globe segment (K)
selenography (K)
semitone colour model, semitone color model (US) (K)
semitone image (K)
semitone model (K)
semitone original (K)
sensitometric specification (K)
separation colour filter (K)
serif (K)
set of progressive proofs (K)
settlement name (K)
settlement name, place name (K)
settlement outline (K)
sewing (K)
sheet (K)
sheet corner values pl (K)
sheet index (K)
sheet line (K)
sheet line system (K)
sheet lines succession (K)
sheet memoir (K)
sheet numbering system (K)
sheet printing (K)
shipping-line map (K)
show through, strike through, colour penetration, color penetration (US) (K)
shrinkage of a film (K)
shrinkage of paper, paper distortion (K)
side lay edge (K)
sign meaning (K)
signature (K)
silkscreen printing (K)
simple diagram map (K)
single map (K)
single-colour map, monochrome map, single-color map (US) (K)
single-colour printing, single-color printing (US) (K)
six-degree longitude zone (K)
sketched hachures (K)
slanted map (K)
slope nomogram (K)
small circle (K)
small scale (K)
small scale topographic map, general map, general chart (K)
socio-geographical map (K)
socioeconomic map (K)
soil map (K)
solid (K)
sounding (K)
source map (K)
source material preparation (K)
South Pole (K)
southern geographical latitude, southern geographic latitude (US) (K)
space (K)
space cartography (K)
space diagram (K)
space gap (K)
special issue (K)
speciments of (map) symbols (K)
sphere symbol (K)
spheric(al) latetude (K)
spheric(al) longitude (K)
spherical equator (K)
spherical geographic coordinates (K)
spherical geographic latitude (K)
spherical geographic longitude (K)
spherical meridian (K)
spherical projection (K)
spoil (K)
stamping (K)
standard colour, standard color (US) (K)
standard line (K)
standardization of geographical names, standardization of toponyms (K)
standardized allonym (K)
standardized endonym (K)
standardized geographical names, standardized geographic names (US) (K)
standardized size (of paper) (K)
star atlas (K)
star chart (K)
state border (K)
State map 1:5000 - derived (K)
State map 1:5000 - economical (K)
statistical map (K)
stepped relief model (K)
stereo map (K)
stereographic projection (K)
stereotype processing (K)
sticking (K)
stock of maps (K)
straight matter (K)
street boundary line (K)
strip coat, peel off coat (K)
strip map (K)
strip masking (K)
stripping film, strip film (K)
stripping-in lettering (K)
stripping-in the text (K)
structural cartodiagram (K)
structural diagrammatic map (K)
stud register system, USA: pre-punch register system (K)
stumping, shading off (K)
stylized symbol (K)
sub-title, crossheading, subheading (K)
subject of cartography (K)
substance (basic weight of paper) (K)
subtractive color mixture (K)
summarizing diagram map (K)
supplementary plate (K)
supplemented edition (K)
surrounding area map (K)
symbol associated with the feature (K)
symbolic colour association, symbolic color association (US) (K)
symbolization (K)
synoptic map, weather chart, weather map (K)
synthetic map (K)
synthetical paper (K)
system of cartographic symbols (K)
system of registration (K)
table of type (K)
tactile cartography, tactile mapping (K)
tactile map (K)
tangent meridian (K)
tangent parallel (K)
tangent parallel (K)
tangent point (K)
technical editing (K)
technical hachures (K)
technical map editor (K)
technological and financial map documentation (K)
technology of globe production (K)
technology of map printing reproduction (K)
technology of map production (K)
technology of plastic relief map production (K)
terrain edge; terrain brake line (K)
terrain relief step matrix (K)
terrain representation in Swiss style (K)
text copy (K)
text figure (K)
text part of an atlas (K)
thematic atlas (K)
thematic cartography (K)
thematic map content (K)
thematic overlay (K)
thematical map editor (K)
theoretical cartography (K)
theory of cartography (K)
thermal imagery (K)
thermoforming, plastic moulding (K)
thermosensitive paper (K)
three-axial ellipsoid (K)
three-colour printing, three-color printing (US) (K)
three-degree longitude zone (K)
three-dimensional diagram (K)
three-dimensional map (K)
tip-in plate (K)
title page of the cartographic publication (K)
tone; hue (K)
topographical cartography, topographic cartography (US) (K)
topographical features and phenomena, topographic features and phenomena (US) (K)
topographical names, topographic names (US) (K)
toponomastics (K)
toponym (K)
tourist map (K)
town map (K)
town mapping (K)
town plan, city map, city plan (K)
town plan; city plan; US: city plan (K)
trace (K)
tracing (K)
tracing by a square grid (K)
traffic map (K)
transboundary name (K)
transcription (K)
transfer paper (K)
transfer printing (K)
transliteration (K)
transliteration key (K)
transmission scale (K)
transparent original, transparent copy (K)
transparent pattern (K)
transplacing of signs and lettering (K)
transverse aspect (K)
transverse aspect (tranverse case) of a map projection (K)
triangular graph (K)
trichromatic printing (K)
trim marks (K)
trimetal(lic) plate (K)
trimmed size (K)
trimming mark (K)
tropic (K)
true north (K)
true North on the map (K)
true projection (K)
turning of screen angle (K)
two-colour printing, two-color printing (US) (K)
type (K)
type area (K)
type design, type face design (K)
type family (K)
type line (K)
type sample book, type specimen book (K)
type size (K)
type weight (K)
types of cartographic projections (K)
typesetting (of lettering) (K)
typographer (K)
typographic system (K)
typographical point (K)
typography (K)
undistorted meridian (K)
undistorted parallel (K)
unglazed paper (K)
Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) projection (K)
unlettered edition (K)
unrevised map edition, repeated edition (K)
unsized paper (K)
up-to-date map (K)
updated edition (K)
updated edition, new edition (K)
upright typeface, upright lettering (K)
use of the map (K)
vacuum globe moulding, vacuum globe molding (US) (K)
value class (K)
value unit of conventional (map) sign (K)
variable map scale (K)
variomat (K)
varnish (K)
vector diagram (K)
veduta (K)
verisimilitude of a map (K)
vertical exaggeration (K)
vignette (K)
visual approach chart (K)
vowel marker (K)
wall map (K)
washing (K)
waste paper (K)
water absorption (K)
water management map (K)
western geographical longitude (K)
wind -diagram (K)
wind -rose (K)
wood-free paper (K)
World Aeronautical Chart (W.A.C.) (K)
world atlas (K)
world map (K)
World Map 1:2 500 000 (K)
wrong-reading copy (K)
xerography (K)
xylography, wood-engraving (K)
year of publication (K)
zone number (K)
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