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Termíny oboru mapování (521)
(fuel) filling station (M)
3D mapping (M)
3D model (M)
3D modelling (GB), 3D modeling (US) (M)
accuracy class of mapping (M)
accuracy of analogue map (M)
accuracy of detailed mapping (M)
adjoining sheet (M)
adjustment of a traverse (M)
adjustment of boundaries (M)
airport, aerodrome (M)
aligning base (M)
alignment (M)
altimetric map (M)
altimetric traverse (M)
altimetry, measurement of heights, hypsometry (M)
analogue map (M)
anchorage (M)
angle of depression, descending vertical angle (M)
angular misclosure (M)
authentification (M)
automated drawing, automated drafting (US) (M)
automated map lettering (M)
auxiliary contour line (M)
auxiliary contour, supplementary contour (M)
auxiliary field sketch (M)
auxiliary survey point (M)
axis of a stream, axis of a water course (M)
barometric elevation (M)
base map (M)
basic map, source map (M)
basic mapping (M)
basic scale (of map series) (M)
beacon, survey signal (US) (M)
bench mark, plug, rivet (M)
block sketch (M)
border point (M)
borehole (M)
boundary point (M)
boundary stone, mark stone (M)
bracing, check distance (M)
break point (M)
broken terrain (M)
broken terrain, rough terrain (M)
cart track (M)
cave mouth (M)
centering data (M)
centering of a planetable (M)
centre, center (US) (M)
check point (M)
classification of survey photographs (M)
cliff (M)
closed traverse (M)
coastline (M)
col topographic (M)
combined method (M)
compass survey, survey by magnetic compass (M)
compass tacheometry (M)
compass traverse (M)
computation of observation record (M)
cone (M)
connecting direction (M)
connecting surveys (M)
connection side (M)
construction measure (M)
construction of contour lines (M)
continuous mapping (M)
contour distance (M)
contour interval (M)
contour line interval (M)
contour line, contour, isohypse (M)
contour value (M)
contoured map (M)
conveyor belt (M)
cooling tower (M)
correction for slope, correction for inclination (M)
crane runway (M)
cross measure, diagonal size (M)
cross of coordinate network (M)
crossing (M)
crown, top of the road (M)
cut (M)
cycle of map renewal (M)
defined map size (M)
density of (geodetic) control (M)
density of planimetry (M)
depression (M)
depression, sag (M)
depth contour, isobath, bathymetric contour (M)
derived map (M)
descent of terrain relief (M)
descent of terrain relief, downgrade of terrain relief (M)
design contour (M)
detailed map (M)
detailed survey (M)
detailed survey point (M)
determining direction (M)
determining length (M)
detritus cone (M)
difficulty grade of mapping (M)
digital landscape model (M)
digital mapping (M)
digital technical map (M)
digital technical map of the region (M)
digitized map (M)
digitizing of a map (M)
digitizing, digitization (M)
dimension (M)
dimension line (M)
dimensioning (M)
direct measurement (M)
direction to a witness point (M)
displayed point (M)
distance measurement (M)
distance measurement with invar tapes (M)
distance, length (M)
ditch (M)
documents related to map creation (M)
double-run levelling, levelling in both directions, leveling in both directions (US) (M)
edge comparison (of map sheets) (M)
edge matching (of map sheets) (M)
electronic distance measurement (M)
elevation (M)
elevation angle (M)
embankment (M)
enclosed (survey) sketch (M)
exonym (M)
expressed scale (M)
extraction scale (M)
facility (M)
fair draught of topographic map, fair draft of topographic map (US) (M)
fall line (M)
fall line direction (M)
fence (M)
ferry (M)
field (survey) sketch, field survey document, plat (US) (M)
field book (M)
field reconnaissance sketch (M)
field survey (M)
final revision of survey sketch (M)
finding out the point (M)
fixed point (M)
fondation map, base map (M)
foothill curve (M)
foothill, foot (M)
forced centring, forced centering (US) (M)
ford (M)
forest break (M)
forest clearing (M)
forest survey (M)
form line (M)
form of terrain relief (georelief) (M)
forward intersection (M)
frame sketch (M)
free survey line (M)
frontier line, boundary line (on a state boundary) (M)
full sheet (M)
fundamental state map series (M)
gauge zero mark (M)
general sketch of geodetic control (M)
geodetic activities (M)
geodetic connection (M)
geodetic data of survay control point (M)
geodetic measurement (M)
geodetic reference system (M)
geodetic system (M)
geographical grid, graticule, geographic grid (US) (M)
geometrical map symbol, geometric (map) symbol (US) (M)
geomorphologic line (M)
geomorphology (M)
given point (M)
golf source (M)
gradient of terrain relief (georelief) (M)
grandstand (M)
graphical base of a map, graphic base of a map (US) (M)
graphical chart, graphic chart (US) (M)
graphical intersection, graphic intersection (US) (M)
graphical method, graphic method (US) (M)
graphical scale, scale bar, graphic scale (US) (M)
graphical transformation, graphic transformation (US) (M)
greenhouse (M)
grid coordinates, rectangular plane coordinates, Cartesian coordinates (M)
grid levelling, surface levelling, grid leveling (US), surface leveling (US) (M)
grown terrain (M)
gully (M)
hachures (M)
height (h, H) (M)
height above sea level, altitude, elevation (M)
height connection (M)
height difference, difference in elevation (M)
height measurement data (M)
height point, elevation point (M)
heliport, helipad (M)
hill (M)
hillside (M)
hilly country (M)
horizontal angle (M)
hospital (M)
hybrid map (M)
hydrography (M)
hypsography (M)
hypsometric sketch, altimetric sketch (M)
hypsometry, altimetric survey (M)
identical point (M)
important subject for orientation (M)
inclination measurement (M)
inclination of sight (line) (M)
index contour line interval (M)
indirect measurement (M)
indirect orientation (M)
instruction for batch processed draughting (drafting - US) and area computing (M)
interpolation from contour lines (M)
interpolation of contour lines (M)
intersection (M)
intersection from distances (M)
inundation area (M)
inundation line (M)
investigation, reconnaissance, adjudication (M)
iron bar monumentation (M)
isobath value, depth contour value (M)
isogonal line (M)
kerb, curb (US) (M)
knoll (M)
land survey mapping (M)
landslide (M)
large scale base map (M)
large scale map (M)
large scale mapping (M)
layout of survey sketches (M)
length base, geodetic base (M)
length of perpendicular (M)
length reduction to the reference surface (M)
level (plane) (M)
level of an instrument, height of an instrument (M)
levelling field book, leveling field book (US) (M)
levelling of the instrument, leveling of the instrument (US) (M)
levelling, leveling (US) (M)
line construction (M)
line of sight (M)
linear interpolation of contour lines (M)
list of symbols, map key (M)
local (map) scale (M)
location sketch (M)
lock (M)
long distance product pipeline (M)
macrorelief (M)
magnetic orientation (M)
man-made form of georelief (M)
manual digitizing, manual digitization (M)
map (M)
map accuracy (M)
map analysis (M)
map base (M)
map construction elements (M)
map contents (M)
map documentation (M)
map element (M)
map face (M)
map frame informations (M)
map interpretation (M)
map lettering (M)
map of terrain relief (M)
map of town utilities (M)
map orientation (M)
map renewal (M)
map representing slope values (M)
map revision survey (M)
map scale determination (M)
map series (M)
map sheet (M)
map sheet designation, map nomenclature (M)
map sheet size, map format, size of a map sheet (M)
map slice (M)
map symbol, map sign (M)
map title (M)
map updating (M)
map vectorization (M)
mapping (M)
mapping accuracy (M)
mapping project (M)
mapping scale (M)
marginal information, marginal notes (M)
marking, beaconing, targeting (M)
marsh, bog (M)
mass forward intersection (M)
measured angle, observed angle (M)
measuring element (M)
medium scale map (M)
method of detailed measurements (M)
micro-relief, microrelief (M)
milestone (M)
Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) (M)
military map (M)
mine shaft (M)
mining survey (M)
minor geodetic control (M)
mobile mapping (M)
monumentation of terminal points of a triangulation base line (M)
morphological interpolation of contour lines (M)
nail, rivet (M)
name of a map series (M)
name of a map sheet (M)
net of aligning bases (M)
not connected traverse (M)
not oriented traverse (M)
numerical data of survey control point (M)
numerical map (M)
numerical method (M)
numerical scale (M)
numerical tacheometry (M)
object positioning (M)
observation (M)
observation plane (M)
observed set, observed series (M)
observed altimetric value (M)
observed direction (M)
one-hundred-meter grid (M)
open terrain (M)
open traverse, free traverse, traverse without link (M)
optical distance measurement (M)
orientation angle (M)
orientation direction (M)
orientation of plane table (M)
orientation point (M)
oriented aligning base (M)
oriented bearing (M)
oriented distance (M)
oriented traverse (M)
original map (M)
original survey (M)
orthogonal method (M)
orthogonal survey (M)
outer map frame (M)
overhang (of gutter), roof overlapping (M)
parallactic angle (M)
part sheet (M)
partial map sheet (M)
pass (M)
peak elevation, summit height (M)
peatbog (M)
pedestal of a map symbol (M)
peripheral (map) sheet (M)
permanent beaconing (M)
permanent deep marking of control stations (M)
perpendicular (M)
plane table adjustment (M)
plane table tacheometry (M)
plane terrain (M)
plane, plateau (M)
plane-table survey (M)
planimetric component of a map, planimetry (M)
planimetric map (M)
planimetric net of orthogonal coordinates (M)
planimetric sketch (M)
planimetric survey (M)
plasticity of map (M)
point cloud (M)
point monumentation (M)
point of detailed hypsometric survey (M)
point of detailed planimetric survey (M)
point of fundamental horizontal geodetic control (M)
point of fundamental vertical geodetic control (M)
point of hypsography, point of altimetry (M)
point of minor horizontal geodetic control (M)
point of minor vertical geodetic control (M)
point of planimetry (M)
point of terrain skeleton (M)
polar components (M)
polar coordinates (M)
polar method, polar survey (M)
political map (M)
positional connection (M)
power station (M)
principal contour, index contour (M)
principal scale (M)
principal traverse (M)
production of a derived map, derived map production (M)
projection correction (M)
protecting bar (M)
protecting mark (M)
radio distance measurement (M)
railway track (M)
ravine, gully (M)
real map dimension, real map size (M)
real scale (M)
reference (map) scale (M)
relative depth (M)
relative height (M)
relative spot height (M)
relative spot height (M)
representation, portrayal (M)
residual length (M)
revision of original map (M)
revision survey (M)
ridge (M)
ridge line (M)
river traverse (M)
rock (geodetic) monumentation (M)
roughness of terrain (M)
runway (M)
saddle (M)
saddle point (M)
sample map sheet (M)
scale series, succession of scale (M)
secondary traverse (M)
sewage plant (M)
shaft mouth, galery mouth (M)
sharp ridge, edge (M)
shed (M)
sheet corner (M)
shifted layout of map sheets (M)
shrubbery (M)
side drawing (M)
side measure (M)
side measurement (M)
sideward levelling, sideward leveling (US) (M)
sight, sight line (M)
skeleton line (M)
skeleton of terrain relief (georelief) (M)
sketch completing (M)
slope (M)
slope diagram (M)
slope knoll (M)
slope ridge (M)
sloping ground (M)
small scale map (M)
spot height, spot elevation (M)
standard map sheet (M)
standard name (M)
standardized name, standardized toponyme (M)
state border map (M)
state border monument (M)
state border traverse (M)
station of polar survey (M)
stationing (M)
steep hill (M)
streamline (M)
subject of adjudication (M)
subject of altimetric survey (M)
subject of planimetric survey (M)
subject of survey (M)
substitute map (M)
subtense-bar traverse (M)
supplementary mapping (M)
supplementary measurement (M)
surface survey mark (M)
survey beacon (M)
survey line tied on both sides (M)
survey mark (M)
survey net (M)
survey original of a map (M)
survey station (M)
surveyor (M)
swamp, marshland (M)
tacheometric sketch (M)
tacheometric traverse (M)
tacheometry (M)
taping, chaining (in cadastre) (M)
technic-economical map (M)
technic-economical mapping (M)
technical map (M)
technical report (M)
terrain (M)
terrain edge, terrain break-line (M)
terrain gradient, slope (M)
terrain line, geomorphologic line (M)
terrain point (M)
terrain profiling (M)
terrain reconnaissance (M)
terrain relief (M)
terrain roughness (M)
terrain shape (M)
terrain step (M)
thematic map (M)
thematic mapping (M)
thematic state map series (M)
thematical large scale map (M)
thickened contour (M)
topographer, surveyor (M)
topographical hachures, topographic hachures (US) (M)
topographical map, topographic map (US) (M)
topographical mapping, topographic mapping (US) (M)
topographical revision, topographic revision (US) (M)
topographical surface, topographic surface (US) (M)
topography (M)
tracing paper (M)
trail (M)
transformer substation (M)
transparent sheet (M)
traverse (M)
traverse (M)
traverse net (M)
traverse on perimeter (M)
traverse orientation (M)
traverse oriented on both ends (M)
traverse side, traverse leg (M)
traverse without orientation (M)
trench (M)
trigonometrical distance measurement, trigonometric distance measurement (US) (M)
trogonometrical measurement of heights, trogonometric measurement of heights (US) (M)
type designation (M)
undulating terrain, undulating ground (M)
Uniform railway map, Uniform rail-road map (M)
uniquely defined point (M)
unofficial name, non standard geographical name, non standard geographic name (US) (M)
updating of a map (M)
valley (M)
valley line (M)
vegetation boundary, forest vegetation (M)
vegetation cover (M)
vertex angle (M)
vertex angle of a traverse (M)
vertical angle (M)
vertical map scale (M)
wall (geodetic) monumentation (M)
watershed line (M)
watershed, divide (US) (M)
wire tacheometry (M)
working map scale (M)
zenith (M)
zenithal distance (M)
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