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Termíny oboru přístroje a pomůcky (277)
accuracy class of measuring instruments (P)
air brush (P)
alidade (P)
alidade axis (P)
analactical telescope (P)
analogue measuring instrument (P)
analogue stereo instrument, analogue stereo plotter (P)
analytical instrument, analytical plotter (P)
aneroid barometer (P)
astro-compass (P)
astrolabe (P)
astronomical telescope (P)
autocollimator (P)
autofeeder (P)
automatic drawing table, automatic coordinatograph (P)
axis of level (P)
bar code staff; staff with bar code, bar code leveling rod (P)
barcode levelling staff; levelling bar/rod/staff with barcode (P)
barometer (P)
bi-metal plate (P)
book press (P)
book sewer, book sewing machine (P)
buckle folding machine (P)
CCD, charge coupled device (P)
centering rod (P)
centring plate, centering plate (US) (P)
circumzenithal (P)
clamp (P)
clinometer (P)
code registrating theodolite (P)
collimator (P)
collotype plate (P)
combined (buckle-and-knife) folding machine (P)
compass (P)
compass theodolite (P)
compensator (P)
contour pen (P)
contour scriber (P)
coordinatograph (P)
copy-holder, copy-board (P)
crosslines, cross-hairs, reticule (P)
cursor (P)
damping unit (P)
densitometer (P)
desktop computer (P)
developing apparatus, developing device (P)
diagonal scale, transversal scale (P)
dial gauge (P)
digital aerial camera (P)
digital camera (P)
digital levelling instrument, digital leveling instrument (US) (P)
digital measuring instrument (P)
digital printing machine (P)
digital tacheometer, numerical tacheometer (P)
digital theodolite, electronic theodolite (P)
digitizer, tablet (P)
display (P)
distance meter (P)
double line contour pen, railway pen (P)
double line drawing pen (P)
double line scriber (P)
drafting triangular tools (P)
drawing head, drafting head (P)
drawing pen (P)
drop-bow compasses pl, pump-bow compasses pl (P)
electronic distance meter (P)
engraving head (P)
engraving pantograph, punch cutting machine (P)
engraving point (P)
exposure meter (P)
eye-piece micrometer (P)
fiber optics (P)
folder, folding machine (P)
foot screw, leveling screw (P)
footplate, base of staff (P)
fountain, ink dust (P)
French curves pl (P)
gatherer (P)
gauging (P)
geographic(al) compass (P)
graver (P)
gravimeter, gravitymeter (P)
gripper (P)
gyro-compass (P)
gyrocopter (P)
gyroscope (P)
gyrotheodolite (P)
hanging theodolite (P)
hardware (P)
horizontal circle (P)
impersonal micrometer (P)
impression cylinder (P)
indicating measuring instrument (P)
inking unit (P)
integrating measuring instrument (P)
invar staff with bar code; invar bar code staff (P)
invar tape (P)
invar wire (P)
knife folder, knife folding machine (P)
LANDSAT satellite (P)
large-focus camera (P)
laser (P)
laser theodolite (P)
laser tracker (P)
lettering stencil (P)
level (instrument), levelling instrument (P)
level (tool) (P)
levelling nail, leveling nail (US), pin foot, frog (P)
levelling rod, levelling staff, leveling rod (US), leveling staff (US) (P)
lidar (P)
light head (P)
light pen (P)
light table (P)
limb (P)
line screen (P)
lithographic stone (P)
machine feeder, autofeeder (P)
machine format (P)
map measurer (P)
map measurer (P)
measuring equipment (P)
measuring instrument, surveying instrument (P)
measuring magnifying glass (P)
measuring tool (P)
measuring wedge (P)
mechanical templet (P)
medium, media (P)
microdensitometer (P)
microfiche camera (P)
microfilm camera (P)
micrometer (P)
micrometer screw, micrometric slow-motion screw, micrometric tangent screw (P)
mirror astrolabe, circumzenital (P)
mobile laser scanner (P)
mobile mapping system (P)
mono comparator (P)
mouse (P)
nominal range (P)
non-metric camera (P)
normal angle camera (P)
notebook computer, laptop, laptop computer, portable computer (P)
objective, object-lens (P)
ocular (P)
offset (transfer) cylinder (P)
offset machine (P)
offset plate (P)
offset printing plate (P)
one-minute theodolite (P)
one-second theodolite (P)
optical axis of the telescope (P)
optical centring device, optical centering device (US), optical plumb, optical plummet, vertical collimator (P)
optical distance meter (P)
optical pantograph (P)
orienteering compass, compass (P)
pair of compasses, compass (P)
pallet (P)
pantograph (P)
paper cutting machine (P)
parallactic staff, subtense bar (P)
peep-sight alidade (P)
pentagonal double prism (P)
pentagonal prism (P)
photo-theodolite (P)
photogrammetric scanner (P)
photosetter (P)
phototype setting device (P)
picker (P)
plane table (P)
plane-table tacheometer (P)
planimeter (P)
plate cylinder (P)
plate of tripod (P)
plotter (P)
plumb blob (P)
polar planimeter (P)
precise photogrammetric scanner (P)
presensitized (printing) plate (P)
printing plate (P)
prism (P)
prismatic astrolabe (P)
process camera (P)
proof press, proving press (P)
proof printing plate (P)
proportional dividers (P)
protractor (P)
radio distance meter (P)
re-adjustment (P)
recording device (P)
recording measuring instrument (P)
rectifier (P)
reducing lens with grid for viewing drawings at smaller scales (P)
reduction scale, reduction ruler (P)
reflectorless distance meter, reflectorless range-finder (P)
register rule (P)
registering tacheometer (P)
registering theodolite, registration theodolite (P)
reiteration theodolite, theodolite without setting drive (P)
repetition theodolite (P)
reseau camera (P)
resolution of an indicating device (P)
right-angle prism, double-square prism (P)
rod beacon (P)
ruler, scale rule, plotting scale (P)
ruling pen (P)
satellite laser radar (P)
scale numbering (P)
scanner (P)
screw micrometer (P)
scribing cutter (P)
scribing instrument for stippling (P)
scribing instruments, scribers (US) (P)
scribing ring (P)
scribing tripod (P)
self-reducing tacheometer (P)
server (P)
set for the three-tripod system (P)
sheet delivery (P)
sheet-fed offset printing press (P)
sliding calipers (P)
small offset machine (P)
spirit level (P)
spirit level vial (P)
spring bow dividers (P)
square (P)
stadia (P)
stadia wedge (P)
stake, pole, rod (P)
staking-out mirror (P)
static laser scanner (P)
stereocomparator (P)
stereometric camera (P)
stereoscope (P)
straight edge (P)
straightedge (P)
stud register device, register puncher, USA: pre-punch register device (P)
summation compass (P)
super-wide-angle camera (P)
survey camera, metric camera (P)
survey staff (P)
survey tape, measuring tape (P)
surveying prism (P)
surveyor compass (P)
suspended pantograph (P)
tacheometer (P)
tacheometer with electronic distance meter (P)
tape stretcher (P)
tape tenzioner (P)
technical pipe pen, lettering pen (P)
telescope (P)
theodolite (P)
theodolite with a fixed circle, simple theodolite (P)
theodolite with automatic vertical index compensation (P)
theodolite with microscope reading (P)
thread planimeter, wire planimeter (P)
three-dimensional pantograph (P)
three-knife trimmer (P)
total station (P)
transit telescope, transit instrument, meridian circle (P)
trimetal(lic) plate (P)
tripod (P)
trunnion axis (P)
tubular level (P)
universal instrument, alt-azimuth instrument, astronomical theodolite (P)
universal theodolite (P)
vacuum forming machine (P)
vacuum frame (P)
vernier (P)
vernier microscope (P)
vernier theodolite (P)
vertical circle (P)
vertical slow-motion screw (P)
whirler (P)
wide-angle camera (P)
wire tacheometer, tacheometer with stadia lines (P)
wire-stitching machine, wire stitcher (P)
workstation (P)
zenith telescope (P)
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